Elon professor dismissed after inappropriate text messages

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Hans Arneson

ELON, N.C. – An Elon University adjunct professor has been dismissed from his job after he allegedly sent inappropriate text messages to students.

Elon Local News reported that Religious Studies professor Hans Arneson was dismissed from the university this semester.

Arneson is accused of sending sexually suggestive messages to junior Amy DeNenno and another inappropriate message to at least one other student.

DeNenno said she was a student in Arneson’s Introduction to the New Testament in the fall. She said the professor started sending her text messages after the two grabbed lunch one day after class.

The texting allegedly turned inappropriate, talking about meeting outside of class and drinking alcohol, even though DeNenno is underage.

DeNenno said going to class became uncomfortable and she even started skipping some classes. She informed university officials about the matter in February.

One text message read, “I wanted to duck into a room with you for a few mins when you left the room for a sec. Just five mins to taste your lips and tease a lil…”

Another student, who chose to remain anonymous, said she received a text from Arneson that read, “You could have joined me in my daily after-class shot in my office!”

Arneson declined to comment when asked by Elon Local News.

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  • bella07

    I really don’t see the problem.This is college, not high school. They are both adults.

    • Chucky

      Legally, he is not supposed to be consuming alcohol there as it would be against the law and additionally, the student is not old enough to have alcohol so he shouldn’t have been suggesting that she have some either. Maybe they could have given him a warning or something but we don’t know his history either.

  • Nonya

    Shut up, stantwhateveryourname is. This is an exception, not the rule. Additionally, this is college – they’re all adults, and it’s clear this woman was playing along, possibly for a grade.

    • Tracey

      You mean the good teacher manipulating the student’s grade if she played along. The problem is he wanted her to earn the grade outside of the class. Even though they are adults he still has power over her because he gives the grades, so they are not two consenting adults, its called sexual harrassment.

  • Keith

    Maybe the young lady should be expelled from the university for attempting to manipulate the good teacher for a grade….which is EXACTLY what she was doing. Never gonna happen…..doing so will result in the university not getting the 50K a year tuition.

  • Charlie

    Wow, thats a strong and biased opinion. I agree they’re both adults but if she was manipulating for a grade… wouldn’t she be pushing for an A? (seems more likely) Would you give a different response if you were asked the same question and offered two grades? Why did he give a choice? Also, dude, why would you even mention that you could get fired for what you were saying to students…. I thought they said you were smart?

  • Nonya

    Why are so many of her replies missing? You can tell from the conversation that she has omitted a lot of what she has said, and judging from his replies to her missing comments, it looks like she was saying inappropriate things right along with him.

    A real woman would have put a stop to it the minute he ran afoul, made clear that she was NOT interested, and kept things civil and polite so as not to create animosity. This little girl is a bumbling idiot.

  • Charlie

    I’m sorry… why are you so defensive of him again? He was given a chance to come forward and he chose not to. As for replies missing… why do you think there are missing ones? If he is idiotic enough to text a student(where screenshots are possible) do you think he wouldn’t continue to text/change conversation just to get some response? Do you think both of the girls who’s texts are above edited texts?

    Elon, obviously, did an investigation for them to have LEGALLY dismissed him. This means they would have had to read ALL conversations from her and OTHER girls. Note that only one of those texts are stated to be from the girl who came forward. Elon is a very reputable school… do you think they are bumbling idiots too?

    Sounds like you are endorsing a professor/authority figure sexting and/or offering alcohol to minors? hmmm… you really like this guy.

    A real MAN would have been respectful of his position of authority and not talk to female STUDENTS (yes, multiple) the way he did. As professors they are aware of Title IX and even if there was reciprocation (not leaning one way or the other) HE should have put a stop to it instead of telling a student “would get fired for even joking about that…”
    I’ve answered your questions, your turn.

  • Ang

    These girls aren’t so innocent either. They texted back and have their number to him just sayin. To me ALL parties are guilty

    • Tracey

      The teachers have ALL the students numbers, how many of the duds did he text in the same manner. He is the teacher she is the student, he teaches and religion at that. He knew he had power, authority and a carat to dangle.

  • Nonya

    What is the point of him coming forward? He’ll just be demonized, as we can see happening here already.

    Elon . . . reputable? LMAOOOOOO their academic standards are a joke. Compared to schools like Guilford, attending Elon is like going back to middle school. It’s a ‘Just Show Up’ university – you pay money, you get a degree. Or in this case, you flirt with the teacher, and you get a passing grade. Looks like she didn’t get the grade she wanted (after not showing up to class or doing the work), so she cried foul and put it all on him. Typical.

    It’s college – everyone is an adult. Flirting happens. People come on to each other. That’s what it’s like being human. We try to sterilize interactions, but it never works. I see no problem with a professor being attracted to a student as long as it’s mutual, so I’m okay with him flirting with her. If she wasn’t interested, she should have said something instead of milking the attention for a grade. Had she established clear boundaries, and he continued despite that – THEN I would put all of the blame on him, but that’s not what happened.

    It was her responsibility to let him know that she wasn’t interested, but she didn’t do that. She even flirted back with him (“. . . so tempting . . .”), so she’s guilty in this situation as well.

    And again, there are a lot of her replies missing. That’s telling.

    . . . hate to break it to you, sweetie, but this isn’t tit-for-tat. I’m probably going to go back to living an actual life. I did get a good laugh out “Elon is a very reputable school” comment, though. Hilarious.

  • Presley

    looks to me like there were some text messages deleted. There were some texts that seemed just a little to random. That girl was probably whoring around with the teacher and when he pissed her off, she turned him in. But first deleted her texts so she doesn’t get in trouble.

    I am by no means condoning what the teacher did, but I feel like the “innocent” college junior isn’t telling everything….;

  • Donnie

    He is the person in authority here, (Clinton) and she is younger and (Monica) so it is up to him to put a stop to whatever was going on. He did not, therefore, the blame should be put on him. She was his student, no matter what the age, and he was her charge and in control of the situation. He burned his own bridges.

  • jovan1984

    Here is the skinny. It is sexual harassment, which is why the prof was canned. Oh and yea, Tracey, they are adults who are capable of consenting, but she rescinded her consent later.

  • Hatter

    What’s the argument? They’re both wrong. He, for obvious reasons – her, for being a manipulative, lying little you-know-what. She said it herself – when she found out about the other girls she got pissed. She deleted most of her own texts and went to University administration with what was left. Revenge accomplished. End of story. He got what he deserved; she will continue on being the spoiled little brat she is.

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