Davidson College students rally against school’s sex assault policy

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Davidson College

DAVIDSON, N.C. — Students at Davidson College held a rally Thursday to speak out against the college’s sexual assault policy.

WSOC-TV reported that the students called for an immediate overhaul, saying the current policy doesn’t do enough to protect victims.

Organizers began the rally outlining its purpose, “Let’s show our campus that we’re responding to those among us who we love.”

Organizers said while they want to keep the dialogue open, they feel the school takes too long to review these cases.

Channel 9 took a closer look at the current college policy, which was revised in February.

According to the policy, a sexual assault investigation typically takes about 60 days.

It takes another 10 days for a hearing to be held.

Associate Dean of Students Kathy Bray said the top priority is being thorough.

“It is critical that the process be thorough. In the interest of all students involved- it doesn’t do any good to rush through this process,” she said.

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