Suspect arrested in Scotty McCreery’s home burglary

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RALEIGH (WTVD) — Raleigh police have arrested a suspect in connection with the home invasion style robbery where American Idol winner Scotty McCreery and some friends were the victims.

It happened around 2 a.m. Monday at an apartment complex near the N.C. State campus where McCreery is a student.

According to Raleigh police, three armed people came into the home and took wallets, cash, and electronic items before fleeing.

Police estimate the value of the items stolen as over $1,600, including a $400 iPhone belonging to McCreery, and a $1,200 laptop belonging to one of McCreery’s friends.

No one was hurt.

“They were like ‘Get down. Get on the floor and give us everything you got,'” said someone in the 911 call.

The caller said the robbers told the group to count down from 100 before they were allowed to get up.

On Wednesday, police charged Mikkail Jamal Shaw, 19, with robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Authorities are still searching for the other suspects.

McCreery, a native of Garner, won the tenth season of American Idol.

He is finishing up his sophomore year at N.C. State.

Anyone with information that might assist detectives is asked to call Raleigh Crime Stoppers at 919-834-HELP or visit

McCreery addressed the incident on Twitter Monday:


  • Cindy

    How dare this slimeball think he can invade a person’s home and steal their property. Nasty uneducated welfare scumbag! He has to tilt his head back so his face won’t completely be shown. Typical culture! I hope he gets major punishment!

    • Megan White

      How do you know he’s on welfare? He could go to school there? Yes, he’s a scumbag but that’s a huge racist assumption!!!????

    • Chucky

      You are making a lot of assumptions here… scumbag, yep. There is nothing in this story about his financial standing or his education… although by the nature of the crime, uneducated could be argued. As for “tilt his head back so his face won’t completely be shown”… what made you think that was to hide his face? LOL That is not a tactic to hide his face, it is more like a look of disdain or arrogance.

    • Boskof

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    Ms. White, Would you still call Cindy a racist if the suspect would have been white and the victim black and Cindy would have said the same thing?. Be careful with that term its way overused and and undervalued. Its always the liberal way out. #racecard.

    • Heavy Brain

      I understand exactly what Megan is saying..Cindy is using KEY words such as “welfare” and “typical CULTURE”…And then Mr Hamletto with his “Al Sharpton” reference(news flash, get some NEW material, because MOST black people dont rely on Jesse and AL…so please come with someone better)..Its underling and subtle but people’s TRUE self creeps out wither they want to acknowledge it or not..We see you and your terms…

  • D Lynn

    Too bad if “racist assumptions” are made. Mabye if there weren’t so many Baby Mommas pumpin’ ’em out for the welfare check, and so many sorry Daddy Babies breeding like wild dogs, the assumptions would be incorrect.

    If the shoe fits, wear it.

    No remorse for the remarks. . .

  • TJ

    ABC news reports the guy turned himself in. I am glad all the burglary victims were okay. And come on people, do we ALWAYS have to make this a race issue? Yes, there are “typical” stereotypes for every gender, nationality. color and creed, but it doesn’t mean they are correct. Areas of population where the general public has a low education, i.e. what you people are referring to as “welfare” are going to more than likely have more on welfare and less employed because of their lack of education to get those higher paying jobs. Some people don’t want help, and I do understand that the system begets the system and I am not a big fan of free government giveaways, I just don’t think it’s okay to automatically start throwing gender, race etc into this argument, no matter the person’s color. Okay, the guy was black, doesn’t mean he was on welfare or will have Al Sharpton defending him! He could have as easily been white, blue, green or pink.

  • impeach obama!!!

    Come get this D Lynn n your mouth your a idiot and obviously your African American or black whatever isn’t racist to you and the reason Montana and the Dakotas are more white people on welfare there is because its mostly white your a idiot and the best part of you ran down your mom’s leg! You cannot really believe what you said if you really do I’m sure your one of the idiotic liberal obama supporters that has put our country in the situation its in!

    • impeach yourself lame

      Hey brah, come back and talk to me with punctuations dummy.. I’m “African American or black or whatever” but YOUR mad because I’m right…let’s c if fox news will put this up since they deleated my previous comments…..but kept his….lol. fair n balanced my d1@k$k…..n I support NO party u d@mn sheep…I’m done.

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