Thom Tillis to win US Senate Republicans race

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The Associated Press has called the U.S. Senate Republicans race for Thom Tillis.

According to the State Board of Elections website, as of 9:35 p.m. Tillis had 44.41 percent of the vote with 70 percent of precincts reporting.

Tillis will face Kay Hagan (D) in the Nov. 4 general election. Hagan currently leads in the U.S. Senate Democats race with 77.05 percent of the vote with 70 percent of precincts reporting.


  • WeBuiltThisCountry

    Fat Pat has done it again! First McFonney fixed deals with duke and now his bff got appointed! I can only pray for NC

  • Triple Aught

    There was not even anything resembling an election race in the NC US Senate Primary Elections.

    This guy was being touted as the winner, way before election day.
    I do not think votes would have would have made any difference here.

    Another Establishment Republican…just what we need, eh?

    I can only hope that folks will wake up and vote anti-establishment in the General Elections.

  • Triple Aught

    (i don’t care for ’em much either, but maybe you should check your spelling, FOX 8)…Democats, really…?

    • JWS

      If people knew about the real Tillis, very few would vote for him. He has cut funding for schools, teachers, women’s rights, medicaid and on and on the list goes. This is why counties are raising taxes for schools because he has cut state funding. The only thing he does good is give to the rich that is good if your rich. He is the right hand hatchet man for our governor.

  • Crystal Street Merritt

    Seriously, truth-hurts? Liberals? I would venture to say most people voicing their displeasure here are anything BUT liberals. More like conservatives and libertarians tired of the establishment republicans being thrown at us every election. After all, Jeb Bush endorsed this guy…

  • Sniper762mm

    Tillis wins, NC and the USA loses. Another RINO in DC. Still better tahn nay ANY Democrat, but not by much. Brannon would have been a much better Senator for the people of NC and not only would we have been much better off, but the country as whole would be better off with Brannon as a US Senator. Tillis will defeat Hagan in November, but the folks of NC will still lose.

  • Heavy Brain

    Some of u people are past blind..the true definition of sheeple. You fight over these parties like EITHER care about YOU…SMH. Im sorry ill continue to let you lemmings play till you fall off that cliff.

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