Promgoers say Breathalyzer tests ruined their prom

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JENSEN BEACH, Fla. (WPTV) — Forty Treasure Coast students have prom night memories they’d rather forget.

The Jensen Beach High School students say they showed up to prom Saturday night in a party bus – and each had to undergo a Breathalyzer test.

They said they were told they had to stay outside until every student was tested.

They say all of the tests came back clean — but by the time it was all done, the prom was over.

“There was a champagne bottle on the bus and we said it is not ours. Every single person said that is not mine. And they just didn’t believe us and we were staying outside for two hours getting Breathalyzed,” student Cassidy Bass said.

A spokeswoman for the Martin County School District says there were items on the bus that were suspicious so they tested all the students.

They say all the tests came back negative for alcohol but the district spokeswoman says because the students didn’t arrive to prom until 10:30 p.m.– by the time the testing was finished — it was too late to go inside.

According to the spokeswoman, a different party bus arrived at the prom at 8:30 and all those students were also given Breathalyzer tests. The spokeswoman says all those students made it into the prom because they arrived earlier.

Some parents of students on the later party bus are outraged.

“This was not handled correctly. Definitely not handled correctly. And I am upset about it,” said parent Elliot Ziegler. He added, “This is something that is a lifetime. They are never going to have it. They are never going to have it. You can’t recreate it.”

The school district says this is an unfortunate situation — but it has to ensure the safety of all students.

The district requires everyone going to prom to sign a zero tolerance policy that says they can be tested.

“After we all passed the test, you would think they would say sorry. But they didn’t,” student Kaelyn Drazaowski said.,

According to the district, there were also discipline issues.

Students say a few of the students on the bus were suspended for using foul language and complaining about the Breathalyzer tests and missing prom.

According to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, there was a deputy at the prom, but he did not give out the Breathalyzer tests, school staff and faculty did.


    • joe

      so the fact that alcohol was in the bus and they did not get there until 1030pm would not matter?

  • Cheer Mom

    You get to the prom at 10:30pm, yet whine when you aren’t allowed in because you are in possession of an illegal (to you at under 21) champagne bottle. If you had been allowed in, how much time would you have had for the prom? Let this be a lesson to all prom attenders, don’t wait until it is time for the prom to be OVER to get there!

  • DL

    Why would you wait and go at 10:30????? I think they did the right thing if there was an empty bottle on the bus….How did it get there???? Sorry but I think you should be mature enough to get there on time, at 10:30 it was probably almost over anyways!

  • Rachel s

    Anyone ever think that maybe that was there from the last people who rented the party bus? I know I have been in lemo’s that had alcohol in them even though I was under age at the time. And they said it took 2 hours to be tested so to me that means that was 2 hours of prom they could have had! Some of you people are no better then the school bc it never occurred to you it could have came with the bus or not been cleaned properly ignorance refusing to see any other side. They all passed so they were being truthfull

  • Billy

    I think the school did the right thing, and really, the students shouldn’t have shown up in a PARTY bus to begin with. Regardless of whether or not it’s a one in a lifetime event, showing up in a vehicle with suspicious items and at the time indicated would throw up red flags in any situation. Hopefully if any if the parents take action, their case will be thrown out.

    • Tracey

      how do we know that the bottle wasn’t planted, they did say the same thing happened with the bus that arrived before them. Planting a bottle gives them reason to test. Why the test on the first bus. The bus arrived late after picking up so many people, who controlled the driver’s time and yes a bus is safe compared to that many teens all excited and on the road.

  • NS

    Why’d they let faculty and staff on the bus anyhow? If I’d rented the bus the driver would have been given specific instructions: no one on the bus who’s not on the list. Then this would have never been a problem.

  • dbrown053

    The families should always file a complaint with the limo company as well! How do we know that they didn’t make a mistake in doing a run(wine run, etc) before the did the prom run trying to make extra money and didn’t clean out the vehicle before putting children in the vehicle and caused them to be in this situation! Also so party buses already use that as part of a setup but should be taken down during prom, but the limo associate doesn’t have rules for nc like most states have.

  • t

    The bottle was not in possession of the students by choice that is error on the party bus driver! And most prom goers show up around that same time due to the fact of pictures and dinner and all of that. I know I remember showing up to my prom around that same time and had plenty of time to have pictures made there, dance, take pictures with friends, and sit and talk. Which is some things these students could have and should have been able to do!

  • Mark

    “Students say a few of the students on the bus were suspended for using foul language and complaining about the Breathalyzer tests and missing prom.”

    Yeah I’d be complaining loudly, too!

  • Ross

    Welcome to life young ones. Life…it isn’t fair. If the bottle was on the bus when they boarded, they should have asked the driver to remove it. Did the parents not check the bus before their precious cargo boarded? I do not blame the school at all. Parents like the father that is quoted in the article are the reason schools have to go to such drastic measures these days. If the alcohol had belonged to the students and something detrimental had happened, my guess would be he would be the first in line to blame someone else. You would never convince me the students didn’t know the bottle was on the bus. There’s a chance the bottle was their’s and the alcohol had plenty of time to get out of their systems. One bottle is not going very far between 20 people. But in the end, it is illegal for a teenager to be in possession of any alcohol.

  • Teresa Grimes


  • James cannon

    Sounds like blame can be ascribed to both school and students, though it seems the school is more at fault for letting everything be so disorganized. Why was a “party bus” allowed for the students? Why were the students allowed to allowed to arrive at 10:30 pm? Yet I do feel those who comment should try to be more empathetic to the students. A Prom is a once in a lifetime affair. And surely the school can do something to compensate the late students. Perhaps their money back?

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