Marine veteran says business asked him to leave because of service dog

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Marine veteran said he was asked to leave a gas station in Charlotte Monday morning after he walked in with his service dog.

Nick Cox told WSOC that his dog Ralphy helps stabilize him and calm him down, helping with his post-traumatic stress disorder.

Cox said the manager of the Circle K on Sunset Road asked him to leave and wouldn’t let him finish his purchase.

Cox had to call the police, who told the store manager he and his dog have every right to be there.

“It made me feel very upset, a little angry, because this is the country I fought for,” Cox said.

The store manager said Cox didn’t present paperwork, like a badge, for his service dog at first, and that’s why he asked him to leave.

The law states he doesn’t have to. According to federal law, a person just has to say that this is a service dog, and what service they provide, to be allowed into any establishment.

Cox just hopes it doesn’t happen again to him or any anyone else who needs a dog to overcome a disability.

“I was shocked to see Americans could be this ignorant to a service animal,” Cox said.

Federal law also states business owners can only refuse to allow service animals when the animal’s behavior poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others.

Source: WSOC


  • Cindy

    Everyone should boycott that service station! That was disgusting and horrible to deny a Veteran and his service dog!

  • countryboy1

    Watch ppl get mad at this….but when the store owner in Alabama who didnt want blacks, latinos or gays in his store ppl say its his American right double standard

  • Chucky1992

    So a service dog doesn’t have to wear any kind of identifier? How would you know if someone was lying about their “service dog” if they don’t have paperwork or a vest on the dog? Anyone could say that really.

      • Chucky1992

        I hate that it happened to the guy but it is not unreasonable to expect that a service animal have some way of being identified. If it doesn’t, you can pretty much expect that something like this will happen.

    • Jennifer

      Chucky did you pay ANY attention at all to the video? The dog has a vest on that clearly states on the side of it that he is a service dog!

  • Kirk

    So very SAD> THANK YOU young man for your service to our country and forgive the ignorant people.

  • Amber

    Let it be said that everything this man has said happened is a lie. I was there when this happened. He never went inside the store, he was just hangin out outside. The dog did not have an identifier on until after he called the cops. The manager was in no way rude to him. Wouldn’t you want the manager of a convenience store to go outside and talk to a guy hanging outside with a dog not on a leash? The manager wasn’t even able to get a word in because the man started yelling and immediately called the media and the police. It’s really a shame the manager is having to go brough all this.

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