Florida man charged with hiding cameras in home, recording renters having sex

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FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. (WBBH) — Deputies say there is a mountain of evidence the caretaker of a Fort Myers Beach rental property was secretly recording visitors staying at the property for over a month.

Robert McDuffie Moore, 53, was taken into custody in Orange County by the U.S. Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force.

On March 25, deputies got a report from someone staying at a vacation home at 1910 Bayview Drive. The victim reported finding a pinhole camera hidden in a clock radio in a bathroom.

Renters reported Moore would randomly show up at the property, often unannounced and when they were not there, and asked some odd questions — such as where each person staying in the home slept.

At one point he even locked himself in an upstairs bedroom and was seen moving the clock radio containing the hidden camera.

Neighbors even began to wonder why the home needed so much maintenance.

“Over there, I see too much action,” said neighbor Angelo Letsos.

The property owner, David Zager, said Moore, who owns Woodwind Contracting, built the home in question. But the only time he was supposed to be at the house was when the renters called to report a problem.

“When something is not working properly, he would be able to come and fix it — but he didn’t have a reason to be in their regularly,” said Chris Brown, Zager’s attorney.

Deputies searched the rental property and found numerous similar cameras. They also got a package addressed to Moore at the rental property, which investigators say contained new recording devices.

Then they got search warrants for Moore’s home at 5837 Riverside Lane and his vehicle.

Deputies found over 4,000 video clips contained on a number of SD cards, dating from February 22 to March 25. The videos included the victims changing clothes, having sex, showering, sleeping and more.

The sheriff’s office has identified and contacted 38 potential victims, all of whom live out-of-state.

Moore is charged with seven counts of second-degree felony video voyeurism (juvenile victims), one count of third-degree felony video voyeurism (adult victim) and one count of third-degree felony child pornography.

The State Attorney’s Office will also look at the case to see if any additional charges will be filed.

Moore is expected to be returned to Lee County sometime in the next 24 hours, according to Sheriff Mike Scott.

Zager knows the suspect well, and they often did business together — with Zager funding the projects Moore would build. Zager’s attorney said the family feels for the victims.

“They are relieved [by the news of Moore’s arrest]. They feel terrible for renters that whole thing that happened. It’s been a bad ordeal for clients,” Brown said.

The house will resume being a vacation rental in the coming months. It has been inspected and cleared by both a private company and deputies.


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