North Carolina could end film incentive program

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Some people in the film industry are afraid the General Assembly will cut North Carolina’s film incentive program, which would discourage Hollywood to come here.

Later this month, lawmakers plan to discuss whether or not to renew the program, which works as tax credit for filmmakers.

Without the 25 percent tax credit, movies like “The Hunger Games” and “Iron Man 3” would not choose North Carolina for filming, according to Piedmont Film Commission Executive Director Rebecca Clark.

On May 14th, lawmakers plan to decide whether or not to renew the 25 percent film incentive, set to end January 2015.

Film makers have to spend at least $250,000 to qualify.

Nearly 4,000 people rely on the production jobs the film industry brings to the Triad.
On average, one to $8 million is spent in the local economy when a movie comes to town.

“We're hoping that the legislature sees the importance of keeping the film incentives, so that we can keep jobs for young people,” Clark said.

Foothills Brewery is one of the local businesses that profits when a film production takes place in Winston-Salem.

"People want to come to a place like this so that they can get a little taste of what Winston-Salem is about,"said Ben Boyles with Foothills Brewery.


  • B

    North Carolina needs all the jobs it can get from all types of industries. It would be stupid to cut a growth industry.

  • Joust

    Hollywood is one of the biggest supporters of the dems and Obama. Why don’t they want to pay “their fair share”? Why should they get tax breaks the rest of us dont?

    Put your money where your mouths are, liberals.

  • jon fitz

    You state is actually losing money of movies like Iron Man III and Hunger Games. You are being fleeced by the MPAA just like every other state. You’re also distorting the market and pushing jobs all over the country, forcing people to move from state to state, to chase the next subsidy. This is a Net Loss, not a Net Gain.

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