Little girl dumps boyfriend in viral note

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Rachel has apparently had enough.

She “brakes up” with her boyfriend Shawn, in a hand-written note that’s going viral across the internet.

Shawn asked her out and then stopped talking to her for three months, according to the note.

The note was posted to Instagram by David Demarest, according to Metro. Questions about where the note was found haven’t been answered yet.

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You blew it Shawn #relationships

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  • B

    This is why teachers don’t get pay raises if it is a third grader. The spelling is terrible.

  • Amy Browning

    Spelling isn’t important anymore in school which is very sad. My daughter is 15 and she is good at spelling, but not many are!

  • Wu Wang Tang

    This is on because ____________? So sad people. Not to mention even more sad that this this little girls parents obviously do not spend more time teaching their child education…..seems to me like they just allow her to watch tv more than studying due to her ignorant spelling. Even as a child, you should now how to spell in 3rd grade alot better than this note. So sad to both.

    • tiffany

      How do you know she doesn’t have a learning disability? I have one. You are making assumptions about her parents. Shame on you she is in 3rd grade this is how they write.

    • James

      It is not ur place then judge the parents or the child u dont even kno if it is a child and u dont kno the situation so do not judge them any of them

  • Flossyjane

    Did any of you, that made a comment about this child’s spelling, happen to stop and think maybe she has a learning disorder? My child is 14 and has an extremely hard time reading and spelling…. It’s not because we allow him to watch to much tv or that we are not there…. It’s a LEARNING DiSORDER!!! You people are just hateful… You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • K. Garner

    Before people start stacking up those soapboxes for the grand speech it might be worth reviewing the article, such as it is. There’s no mention of age, or disability. The big question was already asked. Why in the devil is this even posted? There’s absolutely no news worthy merit to this at all.

  • JSmith

    In the lower grades of elementary school children in some schools are taught to sound out the words, and they are not graded or corrected. It looks like this is what Rachel did. I can read every word, even though they are not all spelled correctly. She’s using punctuation and capitalization, which is much better than some high school graduates do today, who use no punctuation or capitalization and use a lot of slang or abbreviations that some would use while texting. News – not really. Comic relief – absolutely for me!

  • Tberryjack

    3rd grader? The way things are in schools now days it could be a 12th graders. With teachers pushing them on through to make themselves looking good, and to keep the counties money coming in, and shortcuts they take when writing on Twitter, Facebook and while Texting, it’s a wonder they can write this good. Using calculators, dropping Cursive handwriting, letting the kids use computers to look things up instead of using books our kids are dumbing down fast. That’s why America ISN’T at the top of the Education Charts anymore. If this was a 3rd grader and the guy hadn’t talked to her in 3 months and she still thinks they are going together, then her parents need to have a long talk with her. Now WHY this made the News I’ll never know but if this kind of stuff makes the 6 O-Clock News, then There would have really been a lot of News worthy stories back when I was in school. Anyway, Great News story,, that is if you’re a friend of either Rachel and Shawn.

  • CFon

    Oh My ….folks Lighten Up… You are supposed to be laughing now . Laugh that someone this YOUNG or someone with a Learning Disorder has the smarts to dump a guy that doesn’t appear to have his act together. I personally found humor in it and thought it was rather cute. I’m still laughing which is not something I tend to do after watching the 6 o’clock and 10 O’clock news. I am impressed that this little one did an incredible job sounding out and spelling what she thought the word should be. The bright side is that she did not use the word “wood” for “would”. And last cut her some slack, she just broke up with her boyfriend of 3 months.

  • a man

    Get a grip people. Not all news has to be of killings, rapes, burglaries or other. It is kind of refreshing to see such a cute story occasionally. furthermore, so what if the spelling was bad? it was obviously an elementary student who has much more to learn over the next years. the point is it was just cute..

  • Carol

    It’s really quite depressing when stories like this become “news”. There are many more important things that the reporters could be reporting on than an elementary student “breaking up” with her so called boyfriend in a note. How does a child that young even understand what going out is?

  • Teresa Grimes

    The point is do any of you people that are critisizing this even have kids this young well my kids are full grown with my grandbabies which now is at 13 of them and if one of my grandbabies would have wrote this I would do just as I did when i read it LAUGH LIKE HELL so what if you think there is more news that could be printed maybe its a small town and fortunatly they dont have gang rapes or murders that they have to print.

    • Carol

      As a matter of fact, I do have children. I also have two younger sisters, that unfortunately at a young age I was partially responsible for. At 13, yes children do understand what going out is and what having a boyfriend/girlfriend means but I would hope that their spelling is a lot better than what is in this letter. Judging by the spelling in this letter, the child who wrote it is between the ages of 6 and 8 which makes it even more ridiculous.

      Not only are the reporters who reported on this discrediting themselves as a reporter, the parents of the child are failing by allowing their child to know and understand the things that she wrote about. Most children up until around the age of 10 or until they hit puberty believe that other children of the opposite gender have cooties.

      While it is an excellent fact that there are not rapes and gang activities to report on in the reporting area, that does not make stories like this any more valuable as news. Unfortunately, my family will probably switch to watching a news station that is reporting on legitimate news stories and is not filled with fluff stories.

  • Carrie

    My be she has a learning Disableaty. I am 31 and I can not spell good. But I get better as I learn.

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