Girl, 16, stages abduction hoax after break-up with boyfriend

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MIDDLEBURG, Fla. — A Florida teenager staged her own abduction, prompting a state-wide search because she wanted sympathy from an ex-boyfriend, according to authorities.

WOKV reported that it all started after 16-year-old Ankita Lavender called her father, saying she’d been kidnapped.

A Florida Amber Alert was issued, but the teen was found about four hours later.

She was reportedly found on the side of a road, claiming to have been thrown from a truck. But detectives said she had no signs of any injuries.

She originally told police she had been abducted. Authorities said she finally admitted to making the story up because she wanted sympathy from an ex-boyfriend she broke up with two days earlier.

About 40 investigators responded in the first two hours. The cost of the hoax was estimated at several thousand dollars.

Clay County Sheriff’s Office Colonel Craig Aldrich said abduction cases can never be handled lightly.

“It cheapens or lessens the incident when it happens to a real victim,” Aldrich said, according to WOKV.

Deputies are considering charges against the teen.


  • Cindy

    The teen needs to pay the bill! She needs to get a job and turn over get paychecks! This is horrible!

  • Ty Raid @WM2793

    Kids are evil nowadays you have kids that intentionally try to get teachers fired, you have kids suing their parents and little punks driving around killing baseball players WWII vets and shooting babies in the face. Take away their phones their computers and tv. Make them get a job.
    Spare the rod spoil the child doesn’t refer to beating children it means make them work.
    In the days of old tweens and young teens were often the sheep herders of the families. Good hard work for kids with time and naughty little thoughts.
    Make them work hard so all they will want to think about is a meal and bed. That and it will condition them for later in life.
    Parents are the problem when it comes to brats like this.
    The parents ignored their responsibility.
    Make the parents pay for the costs of the search.
    File charges against both the daughter and the parents.
    The crimes,being @$$h0|£$ and raising an @$$h0|£ !
    POTATO !!

      • Ty Raid @WM2793

        Jokes from the eighties much, bet you’re the funniest organism in your cesspool.

    • Cindy

      Totally agree! My son, age 19 is caught up in all technology and has a horrible attitude and talks so ugly to me. He has his own apartment and spends most of his time at his girlfriend’s family. They let him stay there for chores and feed him whatever he wants. He has dropped one of his college classes because he was failing it due to too much time on the game stations and being with girlfriend! He gets a grant for collage and his late father’s Military GI Bill, but he looks a gift horse in the mouth and takes advantage of everyone! He was told he was very smart in Pre-Calculus but he didn’t do his homework nor has he taken his schooling seriously! What I would give to go back to school for a Master’s Degree in Informatics Nursing! I am unemployed and I don’t have a home and currently stay in my son’s apartment on the sofa! He told me the other day that he wants me out and he doesn’t care where I go! I doubt if he will get his college degree because he doesn’t put his nose to the grindstone!

      • news2me

        He has his own apartment at 19? I am assuming the grant money pays for this which is ok, of course, while he is going to college.

        But your son will grow up when he has to grow up and that will be when the money stops and he has no job.

        If you get the grant money do you not have to keep up a grade point average?

        I know most monies will not be renewed if the student does not attend classes.

  • Leslie Chaney

    Teenagers are stupid . They do stupid things . We’ve ALL been there . Should she be charged ? Probably not . Should she have to pay the expenses that occurred from her lie ? Yes sir -eee bob , she should . With a little help from the parents . If you create a problem , it’s your responsibility to fix it .

    • Ty Raid @WM2793

      You Leslie andcreeps like you are the reason stuff like this keeps happening.
      You are an enabler, no consequences for ridiculous behavior.
      Your probably a cat lady in waiting, that’s so needy for acceptance that your willing to post something as stupid as that.
      Gee everyone look at me and how forgiving I am with other people’s time.
      What about all the people that had to give up prior engagements because a little spoiled brat did this.
      What about the thousands of dollars wasted.
      Bet you’re ticked off though when wal-mart is out of your kitty litter.
      Bet you’re not so forgiving then dumb@$$.

    • Cindy

      She SHOULD be charged for filing a false report! She should pay restitution to both her community and to her parents! No electronic devices, except for a computer to do school work only, and no phone with internet, texting, etc…only a phone with about 100 minutes for emergencies and her parents should monitor her location at all times. I would make her wear a monitoring device while at home. She would have many rules to follow!

  • john wilkes booth

    Teenagers today are nothing short of stupid. They sit on there brains everyday and use the restroom with it too.

  • Jen

    What the h#$l is wrong with kids these days? When I was a teenager I knew better than to pull anything like this! My mom and dad would have beat my hiney until the cows came home, took a break, and beat my hiney again! I say charge her. She costed the state and tax payers A LOT of money and took away from other cases that needed police and rescue attention for nothing.I think that she needs to learn a lesson.

  • mama

    This is all just a bad parenting, in my opinion. Not all teenagers are bad people. I am blessed with 3 teenage sons who are excelling in school and are perfect children at home. When I come home from work my house is clean and they will make dinner for me. They have all kinds of electronics but those things aren’t raising my boys, my husband and I do.And Cindy I am sorry your son is behaving bad towards you, but maybe you should ask yourself whether you were the best parent to him. Why are you unemployed living on his sofa?

  • CC

    If you are *blessed with 3 good boys I assume you are Christian, by your comment you obviously believe you have values and moral high ground and you are entitled to your opinion and to engage with others about it. Why would you go picking on someone for their relationship with their child, misfortunes and their parenting skills if those were true about yourself. Did you also read in her comment, late husbands GI Bill? So they were a military family and she know is a widow raising a child who has a lost a parent, I can’t imagine that’s easy and none of us could do it perfectly. It’s a tough world, we never know what people are going through and if were going to voice our opinions we should try and use our religions, values and morals Positively instead of acting like the children this article is about.

  • Kylee

    As a teenager myself I agree that she should have to pay for the costs, possibly be charger, and even attend some kind of counciling. She made a giant mistake and im sure her being embarressed world wide now will be an even greater punishment as well. But i cannot stand reading comments like “all teenagers are useless punks” or other phrases. Its completely ignorant to place the whole age group in one catagory. Ive met some horrible adults and there are plenty older citizens commiting things like this, murders, abuse of the system, and more, along with teenagers. So unless you expect us all to go around saying “all adults are useless no good people” dont do it to a younger generation as a whole.

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