SC middle school principal criticized for separating students by race

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Chesterfield-Ruby Middle School (WSOC-TV)

CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. — A Chesterfield County principal is under fire for separating middle school students by race and gender.

Chesterfield-Ruby Middle School Principal Andrea Hampton told WSOC-TV she wanted to give each group of students a pep talk ahead of state testing.

“It was just a big mess,” parent Darry Lindsey said. “My kids came home really upset about it.”

Many parents are outraged over meetings that happened inside the school. The district admits that the principal met with African-American students as a group as well as an all-girl group and an all-boy group.

In a letter sent home to parents, Hampton said the meetings were designed to help students and “to motivate each group to do their personal best” on a state test, but many people in the community view the meetings as divisive.

Chesterfield-Ruby Middle School issued a response:

“Chesterfield-Ruby Middle School Principal Dr. Andrea Hampton held several meetings with students on May 1 in preparation for the upcoming statewide Palmetto Assessment of State Standards testing.
These meetings consisted of federally identified subgroups of students among whom previous testing had shown achievement gaps on parts of PASS. The purpose of the meetings was to discuss previous test results among the subgroups, to set goals for the upcoming standardized test, and to deliver a “pep talk” to encourage students to do their best on the assessment.
Hampton explained the purpose of the meetings to parents through the use of a letter to parents, the school’s mass phone messaging system and the school’s social media to clarify any misunderstanding about the meetings’ purpose.”


Source: WSOC-TV


  • lisa

    Well it happens everyday. You have have all the degrees you want but people still show their ignorance everyday. Me and the hubby were just in Longhorn steakhouse and our server was black and he had a very large table of 10 to deal with plus several more and the “old white couple” that sat behind us waited about 3 minutes top for the server when he got there and he introduced himself they immediately started a scene saying they had been waiting too long for him and demanded to see a manager and be moved to a different table where “he want be waiting on us”. That pissed me off and I let the manager know he did nothing wrong nor did they wait a long time. Until people stand up to ignorance it will always happen.

    • Lequisha

      You sound very ignorant. What does this have to do with the principal separating students by color and gender when clearly all students should be motivated the same.

      • H

        “Lequisha”. you are the one who sounds ignorant. Lisa might’ve been somewhat off subject (not far!), but she was simply sharing an experience she had where she witnessed an example of apparent racism. You should stop being such an a**.

      • Jonathan DuBois

        All of the students should NOT be treated the same as the data is not treated in the same fashion. Please do your homework, and know that school officials are held accountable for data by subgroups, which do fall along racial and gender lines.

  • Gordon Ingram

    People need to look into our own state testing. You would be amazed (and shocked) at the data that is collected from this. Subgroup upon subgroup is analyzed. Testing to see if they have mastered material is only one purpose of all this standardized testing bull. This is all very disturbing. Trust me, “Big Brother” is sorting your kids! When the legislature votes to remove this ridiculous Common Core curriculum from North Carolina, SUPPORT THEM!! It is destroying our children. Investigate and speak-up!

    • bobsbob

      It’s simple. If the Black students historically have not performed as well as the Hispanics or Whites, then the Blacks need the pep talk. There would be no reason to include the Hispanics and/or Whites in the pep talk.

    • Jonathan DuBois

      Why can you not understand separating them by race when the data is clearly reported in such fashion? Have you ever seen the data profiles after a state assessment? It lists the data according to grade, race, gender, FARMS (free and reduced meal students), and other subgroups. It is not that the Principal is being racist, it is how the data is reported, not just in SC, but everywhere in the United States of America.

  • John Smith

    Let’s see…..hmmmm…….the white boy is getting strained. Whites are 60% of America heading in ten years to less than 50%. Let’s just says white boys are 50% of that —- headed to 25%. And just for simplicity let’s say half of that bunch is pure racist like the principal. So now we have 12.5% of the US population desperately doing the racist dance and they for some REALLY STUPID REASON think they are the majority?

    • Ty Raid @WM2793

      You’re an idiot,,” white boys”don’t think about race,that’s a distinction that is primarily owned by African Americans.
      White boys think about getting an education, and then a career in a field that interests them.
      They don’t have time to waste worrying about something as trivial as race.
      For the most part the only encounter.they even have with race is some idiot like yourself on the tv claiming they were discriminated against.
      Many black people are way too sensitive about any issue that concerns race.
      White boys make decisions about people according to character not color.
      Chances are that you see racism everywhere because that’s look for.
      Maybe some people are treated poorly because they’re jerks. Instead of admitting that they’re jerks it’s easier for their frail egos to chalk it up as racism.

  • Sam

    Well, we are living in a world where every comment and movement is scrutinized. From the NBA to the principals office. I think that what she did offended BOTH white and blacks. The whites felt less important for being left out (and according to what I heard, NOBODY KNEW what she was goin to discuss) and the blacks felt like they were being treated like idiots. We all heard the statement from the dad who’s child was an “honor roll” kid. That child was black buy obviously didn’t need to be there. And what about the little known fact that she (principal) made the assistant principal (white male) leave the room once she had all of the black students in the room? Nobody knew what was going on in there, kids were texting their parents to come and get them or to come and investigate this. Couldn’t this have been handled in a different way? Of course! This would only be done by someone who considers themselves “untouchable.” To be fair here, please stop and reverse the situation. What would happen if a white principal would have called a meeting with ALL WHITE children? Think about that my friends, and answer honestly. Peace.

  • demetria bacote

    Wow!!! All I can say is wow!! That is not how you motivate someone to do their best on testing!! She was 100% wrong!! If there were students that needed motivation, she should have looked through all of the students test scores from the past, then pinpointed the ones who needed motivation! You Do Not separate Hispanics, Blacks and Whites! That was a red flag from the jump! Better yet don’t have a pep talk with the students, have it with all teachers, because they are the ones supposedly preparing the students for this!! If she meant well, she went about it completely wrong!

  • Sara

    This is my school and when the meeting was over there was some African American kids crying on there way back to class and some just looked mad. She told them that if anyone asked they needed to say “you weren’t invited.” I really think she should resign and let another principal in.

    • Sara

      I also happen to know for a fact that Darry Lindsey’s kid is very smart and is on the honor roll

  • Nathan

    Everybody on hear crying a freakin’ river. It clearly states the groups were created based on their PREVIOUS TEST SCORES! it doesn’t make the principal racist for seperating the whites and blacks. There is apparently an educational gap between them AS THE TEST INDICATES. Just as the principal is not a sexist (necessarily) because he/she seperated the boys from the girls. Again, THE TEST SCORES indicated the seperation in education between the too. The ones crying here the the parents with the dumb kids. period.

    • H

      Nathan, really? Do you actually think that EVERY black student’s previous test scores were lower than EVERY white student’s? The principal’s decision to hold this meeting with EVERY black student cannot be justified. If she wanted to separate by test scores then she should’ve reviewed every student’s test score and brought in all of the students with low test scores – black, white, brown, purple, or green. Better yet, she should’ve just addressed the ENTIRE student population – those kids know which ones did well the last time and which didn’t – they didn’t need to be called out separately for any reason whatsoever. You’d be better off keeping your opinions to yourself as you just come off sounding ignorant.

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