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NC teacher reprimanded for spanking student on birthday

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NEWLAND, N.C. -- A teacher at Avery County High School was reprimanded after she gave a student a birthday spanking in class.

The spanking was caught on video.

School Superintendent David Burleson said the teacher was giving the student a birthday spanking and it was meant in fun.

In a student's cell phone video, it shows the student lying across the teacher's lap at a desk with students laughing in the background.

Burleson said a student in the class showed the video to another teacher and that led to questions.

The superintendent said the long-time teacher was not suspended but was given a verbal and written reprimand, and told that it could not happen again.

Students at the school told WSOC they knew the incident was a joke. The student who received the spanking was not offended or humiliated, according to officials.

Source: WSOC


  • Spanker

    Thank God it was not a blackican kid and white teacher or we would have yet another push from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton…..they only get involved when they can make money and this is a money maker if was what I stated earlier.

    • Tracey

      Better yet, glad it wasn’t a black teacher and a white student or you all would be fresking out all over the #$%&* place!!

      • Spanker

        haha….good try tracey….i dont think the whites mind the blacks as much as you think…its the blacks who think they are owed something. read much tracey? i didnt think so!

  • FaithC

    The teacher should have had better sense. All in fun, or not it, it is just not appropriate.

  • kidsrpeople2

    Georgia is among 19 states where teachers, coaches and administrators legally paddle students k-12 with big wooden spanking paddles to inflict pain punishment for minor infractions, known as “Corporal Punishment”. See School Paddling Blog dot com proof that school paddling is sexual violence targeting children in schools. Caught on a Student’s cellphone, N.C. Avery High School Spanking/Paddling of Student by Teacher Draws Reprimand

    U.S. Ed Dept: 55 Schools Face Sex Assault Investigation
    WASHINGTON May 1, 2014 UNLESS YOU ARE ON SCHOOL CAMPUS AND UNDER 18 YEARS OLD – U.S. Dept. of Education, Office for Civil Rights investigating sexual violence at Vanderbilt University, TN, yet children k-12 on public school campuses routinely violently sexually assaulted with impunity in 19 states

    Are Public Schools Providing a safe-haven for sexual violence targeting children? When schools hit children as punishment is it sexual violence?

    Schools legacies of providing safe-haven for sadistic pedophiles who advocate use of corporal pain punishment of children. There is NO WAY to prevent cell phone recording/sharing of school corporal punishment/paddlings/spankings of children.

    College students gaining rights what about our most vulnerable and defenseless kindergarten -12th grade campuses? College athletes are protected from abuse by multi-million coaches who have been fired, yet students k-12 routinely abused. School Corporal Pain Punishment/beatings/paddling/spanking Caught on camera.

    See the brutally violent Truth about Corporal Punishment of children in America’s Public Schools at YouTube video trailer for Documentary Movie “The Board of Education” by Jared Abrams.

    Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy D NY will soon reintroduce (3rd time) federal bill “The Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act” to withhold federal funding from educational institutions that allow corporal punishment of students.

  • Chucky1992

    I could understand a reprimand if the kid who got the spanking or his / her parents complained. If they didn’t complain then why is anyone worried about it?

  • Megan White

    Why are we even talking about this…I’m sure the kid is a prankster and the teacher was just dishing out in return! Have we became that uptight?

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