NC man banned from having animals found with 9 dead dogs

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Jeffrey Landers

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. (WHNS— A Henderson County man who was not allowed to have any animals while on probation was found with nine dead dogs and 11 other animals on Thursday, according to deputies.

Henderson County animal control officers were called to Jeffrey Landers’ home by probation officers after they discovered animals at the property, deputies said.

Deputies said Landers, 40, was convicted on misdemeanor animal cruelty charges in February and part of the judgment was that he not own any animals while on probation.

Animal enforcement officers found nine dogs still locked in kennels and small dog carriers. Deputies said they were in various stages of decomposition, located in an outbuilding on the property.

Landers kept the dogs locked up and deprived them of food and care, causing their deaths, according to arrest reports. He failed to properly bury the dogs along with 10 types of dead birds.

Officers also found alive animals that belonged to Landers – six cockatiels, a lovebird, an African Grey parrot, two dogs and a rabbit. They were taken to the county animal shelter to be kept safe and evaluated.

Landers was charged with nine felony counts of cruelty to animals and two misdemeanor charges for failing to dispose of dead domesticated animals and one count of probation violation.

Landers is being held in the Henderson County Detention Facility under a $46,000 bond.


  • Bazinga

    Ok, so let me get this straight….The man has been on probation since February and nobody has ever went to his house to validate his occupancy or making sure he is adhering to the terms of his probation???? Where the flip are these so called probation officers! They are always out on the roads wasting tax payers gas money, so are they not doing their jobs? The NC judicial system is a joke and obviously so are the probation officers and whoever was assigned to this criminal for not doing your job. I think they should also charge you for animal cruelty since you may have been able to save these animals if you did your job once a year!

    • FaithC

      Lol you know nothing of probation. Its all about the money. Nothing else simply put. Its disgusting, but its life.

  • Patricia Friddle

    They need to lock him up and throw away the key until he dies. Don’t feed him and mistreat him the same way he did these defenseless animals.

  • Sandy

    It’s hard to imagine there are people out there who get off on abusing animals. This man is apparently one of those people. Sick! Do no pass go – go straight to prison!!

  • FaithC

    Treat him the way he treated these poor animals. Lock him up in a very little cage and just walk away. This man is psychotic and will always be.

  • Cindy

    I would love to have the African Grey Parrott….my favorite bird. I would take excellent care if it. I don’t have any animals or little children.

  • Jeremy Worksalot

    And you guys think your better then him making death threats and such what horrible people you are just as bad as this guy funny part is once the article closes off your comp you want care you’ll go back to your lives and not give it a second thought the thing is you will do nothing but talk and that is whats wrong with this country

    • Patricia

      And you need to read your Bible fella. It says and eye for a eye and a tooth for a tooth. He took those dogs lives he should be willing to give his. Are you a animal abuser also? That’s what it sounds like. You are defending him. You are no better than he is.

    • jastin bieltz

      You dont know me. You dont know how I feel about animals or what I do in my free time. Youre making an assumption which shows how dense of a person you really are. Whats your point? What poiny are you trying to make, because all I can read is the rant of a child. Yes the people making “death treats” are no better, but those threats are more like people saying he should rot. Also it seems like youre defending this guy, I mean with no reason as to why youre on your rant then its pretty pointless. It also seems like youre making excuses for this sick depraved man… doesnt really put you in the best of light. Next time you go off on some rant be sure to list why begin it, especially when its as horrible as an issue such as this. Please sit down and let the adults talk.

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