High school senior takes his great grandmother to her first-ever prom

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Instagram: austin_dennison

Instagram: austin_dennison

ROCKFORD, Ohio — A senior at a high school in Ohio took his 89-year-old great grandmother to her first-ever prom this past weekend.

Austin Dennison, a 19-year-old senior at Parkway High School in Rockford, Ohio, asked “Granny DD” to be his date after he learned she never went to prom when she was a teenager, according to the Times Bulletin.

“He said, ‘Grandma, I want you to go to the prom with me’,” observed Delores Dennison. “I had a bad heart attack and stroke. ‘I’m not that good on my feet,’ I told him. Finally I said that if I was able to go at that time, I would.”

“He said again, ‘Grandma, I want you’,” Dennison told the Times Bulletin.

Her grandson’s “promposal” was the first time she had ever been invited to a prom.

Dennison said that the idea to take his great grandmother to the prom was sown by government teacher Lucas Minnich.

“Mr. Minnich told me that his older brother had taken his grandma to the prom,” said Dennison. “I’ve been blessed with grandparents and great grandparents that know as much as they do,” continued Dennison. “They have so many stories to tell. All I have to do is ask.”

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