Boy with cancer fulfills wish of having lunch with Panthers’ Cam Newton

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Matthew Bailey

Matthew Bailey and Cam Newton

IREDELL COUNTY, N.C. — An Iredell County teen battling cancer had another one of his wishes granted Thursday.

Matthew Bailey got to sit down to lunch with Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

Bailey is battling brain cancer, and his pastor is working to motivate him in the fight by making some of his biggest dreams come true.

Bailey has a top 10 list of wishes, and last month he attended a Duke University men’s basketball banquet and talked to NFL athlete Tim Tebow on the phone.

Matthew Bailey’s Top 10 list:

No. 1: Throw a football with Cam Newton

No. 2: Play H-O-R-S-E with Bobcats owner Michael Jordan

No. 3: Tebow with Tim Tebow

No. 4: Play a pick up game with Kevin Durant

No. 5: Meet Johnny Manziel

No. 6: Go to the NCAA Final Four

No. 7: Visit Cameron Indoor Arena, meet Coach K

No. 8: Sit courtside for a Miami Heat game

No. 9: Go to the Super Bowl

No. 10: Go to an NBA Finals game

Source: WSOC


  • WeBuiltThisCountry

    Good going Cam. So many times the media focus on pro athletes screw ups to make a exciting story. I also heard that Greg Olsen was at Mecklenburg Medical Center signing autographs last week! LETS GO PANTHER’S!! #SUPERBOWL SEASON

    • FaithC

      Superbowl season my you know what. How do you realistically expect to even make the playoffs when they ditched almost all their receivers worth mentioning? Yeah good job Cam. Keep running around the field like a chicken with his head cut off. Keep your day job taking pictures with sick kids bc we all know you are not the qb we thought you were….

      • Faithless you are

        Let’s be honest… Do you even watch football? Cam is exactly where he needs to be in his career on and off the field! What you see the Panthers doing in the off season, is getting the young support staff(players) around your two franchise players(Newton and Keuchley) so we can build a dynasty! See people like you are the problem with today society… You wanna be negative instead of being encouraging, you look for the bad and instead of seeing the good! I notice that you are one of the main people commenting on new stories… May I ask what it is you besides troll the internet? I pray that a change comes into your life and pull back the shade so you can feel the sun!

      • FaithC

        I sure do. Based on your dynasty comment I can tell that you have zilch when it comes to football knowledge. You don’t trade your star veteran receiver the year after coming off one of his most productive seasons ever just to get support players as you say. What a loser.

      • Jordan

        Clearly lack of knowledge is your forte… Smith wasn’t traded. Check your facts before you rant about something you know nothing about. Get back in the kitchen!

  • peetie510

    This should be about what a great thing Cam did for this kid NOT about the Panthers! Good going Cam! Thank you for helping put a little bright light in this kids life….even if just for a few hours!

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