Parents upset after controversial quiz handed out at NC school

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A "Chitling Test," given to students at a high school in Lenoir. (WSOC-TV)

A "Chitling Test," given to students at a high school in Lenoir. (WSOC-TV)

A “Chitling Test,” given to students at a high school in Lenoir. (WSOC-TV)

LENOIR, N.C. — Several members of a North Carolina community are upset after high school students were given a controversial quiz.

WSOC-TV reported that it happened to students in an AP psychology class at West Caldwell High School in Lenoir.

They were told it was an intelligence test, according to WSOC-TV. The school district said it was a classroom assignment, describing it as a mock test to give students exposure to cultural bias.

After the quiz was given, school officials said there was discussion about bias and misconceptions in different cultures and the use of slang.

After the district was made aware of the assignment, the teacher was told not to use the “Chitling Test” again. School officials said an internal investigation is underway.

The superintendent of West Caldwell High School said the test has no place in the classroom.

He reportedly met with local African-American clergy, members of the NAACP and the police chief Thursday morning to discuss the test. Afterwards, they held hands and prayed.

Source: WSOC-TV


  • Itsmyopinion

    Why doesn’t the NAACP worry about black on black crimes… They only speak up with another race is involved….

  • mj

    And yet….the test was developed by an African American, Adrian Dove. I suggest the NAACP move to sue him.

  • Queen Bee

    Did any of you posters look at the test? There are some pretty offensive questions on it.

  • Martin

    With millions of students NOT on grade level in schools and universities nation MUST increase overall educational outcomes for students.

    Adults and school staff must STOP wasting school time and EDUCATE.

    Exposing students to racial bias must be done by professionals who already understand it clear themselves.

  • Chucky

    I’d probably understand the point of the test if it had addressed other stereotypes but this seemed to target one race. I don’t really see how it could have been beneficial to the students. I further don’t know why it would have been necessary to name it what they did either.

  • Royal Arseino II

    Lordy people this “test” is over 40 years old!

    From WiKI:Originally named the Dove Counterbalance General Intelligence Test, the Chitling test (1968) was designed to demonstrate differences in understanding and culture between races, specifically between African Americans and Whites.[1] In determining how streetwise someone is, the Chitling Test may have validity, but there have been no studies demonstrating this. Furthermore, the Chitling test has only proved valid as far as face validity is concerned, no evidence has been brought to light on the Chitling predicting performance

  • a man

    I took this class and this test. Topics like this are what this class is about. i wasn’t alone leaving this class fire breathing mad at times, but it all was in developing the mind, and to train students to think for themselves. I remember in one class the topic was there is no god and if so prove it. That was one i remember getting pretty hot over. I know now the professor didnt believe any of the topics, nor tries to get anyone to believe what he is saying. its a class to get you thinking and thats all.

  • A. Neal

    Why isn’t white on white crime ever mention in the media? 70% of crime in this country are committed by whites but you only hear about the Blacks.

    • Randall Jessup (@Randallj2009)

      Because when they focus on black on white crime or white on white crime you are talking about a very different degree of violence.

      “Concerning murder victims for whom race was known, 50.4 percent were black, 47.0 percent were white, and 2.6 percent were of other races. Race was unknown for 152 victims.” (FBI – 2010) Whites make up 79% of the population, blacks make up 13.8% of the population, and about 15.1% of the population is “Hispanic.” (U.S. Census.)
      Gun Homicides Vary by Race
      Almost unbelievable, but nevertheless true: In 2010, “the rate of firearm homicides for blacks was 14.6 per 100,000, compared to 1.9 for whites, 2.7 for American Indians and Alaska Natives, and 1.0 for Asians and Pacific Islanders.” (Bureau of Justice Statistics).

      International Comparison of Gun Homicides

      At 1.9 murders per 100,000 (BJS – 2010) the white population has a firearms homicide rate lower than gun-restrictive Luxemburg and Lichtenstein, which are at 2.5 and 2.8, respectively (UNODC). The black murder rate of 14.6 per 100,000 is slightly less than North Korea’s at 15.2 — obviously, much too high. The combined rate is 3.2 per 100,000.
      Gun Homicides for All Races are Dropping

      Black Victims are Up

      “Although the U.S. murder rate has been dropping for years, an analysis of homicide data by The Wall Street Journal found that the number of black male victims increased more than 10%, to 5,942 in 2010 from 5,307 in 2000.” (8/18/2012)

      Heart-Breaking Loss of Life

      “According to a study conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, between 1976 and 2011 there were 279,384 black murder victims. (Global Grind – 5/24/21.)

      “Our lives begin to end, the day that we are silent about things that matter.”MLK Jr.

  • bensonac

    If there is a problem it should be taken up with the publisher. Copyright upper left. This is not a teacher made test. And since is from a workbook then it is probably used by all teachers of the subject, and so then the problem should be with the school district not the teacher.

  • tony

    and after the meeting they held hands and prayed? and this was ok on school grounds? and you dont see a problem with this either do you?get over yourselves!!

  • irishfan

    We are just making our kids and grandkids into a bunch of politically correct zombies. I mean what is so wrong with teaching history, the real history, not something fabricated, based on someones percerption of what it should be. What’s wrong with teaching english and not some stupid street slang that doesn’t mean much of anything except for the folks dumbed down to us it?

    • H

      Exactly. People need to stop being so sensitive and face reality. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

  • kate

    The teacher asked if anyone didn’t want to take this test. They told the students that it may be offensive to some. There is no reason why people reacted the way they have. It was a history lesson on how things have changed in society since then. The teacher should not be punished for this! It is a college level course, if a student were to take this in college it would be not be a big deal. If you were not in the classroom how can you be a judge of this teacher? Who are you to judge them?

  • Michelle

    There’s a reason that NC is trailing in education … and this is a prime example. There was a purpose to this test and it was used appropriately in a COLLEGE level course with high-schoolers.

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