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Push to change texting and driving law

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- Proposed legislation could ban drivers in North Carolina from picking up their phones.

"We've all come close to getting hit by someone that's been texting or talking on telephone and not paying attention," said Phillip Macy, who supports the proposed legislation.

The Brian Garlock bill is named for a Charlotte teen killed when he pulled out in front of a pickup truck five years ago. It's believed he was distracted by talking to his girlfriend on the phone.

State law already bans texting while driving but next month lawmakers will take a look at forcing everyone to go hands-free. If passed, a hands-free device would be allowed.

A recent Charlotte Observer poll showed most drivers in the state favored the bill. Fourteen states already ban picking up a phone while driving.


  • FaithC

    I am all for it. If you need to talk to someone that bad, pull off into a parking lot.
    On my way home the other day the car in front of me kept slowing down to 20 to 25 miles an hour in a 55. Then he would speed up, then slow down. He was talking on the phone and I am unaware of how he was driving.

    • Danielle

      I agree..already a law in nj/ny and other states…buy a hands free device or use blue tooth if in your car


    nice job single out people on phones. ik ther a distraction but people can EAT, PUT MAKEUP ON,SHAVE AND SO ON and thats ok. thats not right.

    • Danny

      Wizard, It’s ironic that you brought that up. I’m a truck driver. I’ve been driving now for 22 years. I’ve seen some real stupid stuff while I am on the road. Not ignorant but stupid. Ignorance can be taught but stupid is forever. Just today, for example, a woman was going down I-40 with a newspaper on the steering wheel, putting on make up, eating something and messing with her phone at the same time. Duh huh! We as drivers, “CDL,” get caught talking or looking at our phones without it being hands free. It’s a $2750.00 fine right of the bat 1st offence. 2nd offence, We lose our drivers license for 6 months. 3 rd offence, we lose them for life. Phones are great to have but people really need to wisen up and use what a lot of people don’t have……. COMMON SENSE!!

      • Jommie

        I really doubt you saw a woman driving TODAY doing AlL that at the same time. Come on bro.

      • Iama Retiree

        @ Danny – This law can’t be passed fast enough – So tired of being run off the road by people talking on their phone or texting and most of all, NOT PAYING ATTENTION !!!!!!

  • tired of stupid

    I drive 60 mins one way every day. Sometimes talking on the phone keeps me awake. See I have insomnia issues and some night I get less than 3 hrs sleep. Doesn’t seem to bad until it’s been 3, 4 or 5 days. Yeah my falling asleep at the wheel is a not of an issue but talking on a cell and staying awake is. Or messing with my hands free calling options is way more distracting than picking up the phone and making the call.have you ever tried to use the voice options. And I won’t pull over so some dumb a!# can hit me while I’m on the side of the road making a call.
    Peoples driving issues have nothing to do with a cell phone and more to do with what wizard said and a total lack of consideration for other people.
    Once we start letting the state officials take common privileges from us then it won’t be long before they control evey aspect of our life. Be careful what you wish for.

    • Kelley

      Maybe we should ban cell phones AND people who are driving when they need a phone conversation to keep them awake. Maybe your name should be I AM stupid. Newer smart phone and Bluetooth technology connects instantly when you dial a call, just stop being cheap and upgrade your phone, better yet, see a Dr and stop driving until you resolve your medical issues.

    • Iama Retiree

      If you have insomnia issues, then perhaps you should not be driving at all ! By the way your name, “tired of stupid” sure fits the bill where you are concerned.

  • NobodyAtAll

    Thinking back about 30 years, got along just fine without a cell phone and still do…

  • Chucky

    You can pass all of the laws you want. If someone wants to use their phone they will. If the news of people’s deaths due to use of phones doesn’t stop them, no law will. It’s kind of like gun control… the laws only affect the ones who abide by them.

    The best way to stop people from using phones or other devices like it while driving is to have federal regulations in place. They can require them to automatically be disabled, accept for hands free, when the GPS senses they are moving more than a certain speed like (5-10mph). The technology does exist for that. There are apps to do that now. It just needs to be mandatory.

  • Mark

    Cell phones do not make people bad drivers…but they can make bad drivers worse. I rarely talk on the phone while driving, but I am opposed to a law that targets everybody when only a few are the problem. The only ones being affected by the new law will be the ones following the old laws. It’s the same with gun laws, drug laws, or anything else. A kid falls out of a shopping cart…we need a sticker warning us of the danger. Government has convinced us that we need more laws to protect us. I believe this makes us dumber as a society. Whatever happened to common sense?

  • Betty

    I am against this law. There are too many business calls these days to be baned.Also if your child or parent is calling you do not know if it is important or not.sometimes on the road there is not anywhere to pull over. Personaly I can not use those headsets. Even if you ban useage just like eveeything else it will continue and the dumb ones will not be caught. I too have seen folks fixing hair, makeup on qnd reading paper just to name a few.We just have ro use or own justments and not put others down because there thoughts are not the same as ours. Government is slowing taking our rights away They can afford drivers and can get out of everything. So sounds good but not workable Cops roo busy with major problems not just these isolated events.

  • John Smith

    50% of the people you can get a good glimpse of while driving are using their phones. Nothing will change that.

  • Michael

    Thank goodness! I hope this passes! I hate driving to work behind people on their cell phone at 7:30 in the morning. You just left, there’s no one that important you need to talk to. Now if we can get a law passed to have a majority of older drivers off the road that would be great! They’re just as bad!

  • Dockie Mize

    i very rarely talk while driving.i cant concentrate.and for the one that said it could be important.what did you do back in the day?we made it then and can now…

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