Lazy 5 Ranch in Moorseville cited for animal-related violations

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Lazy 5 Ranch (WSOC)

MOORESVILLE, N.C. — Officials have cited Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville with several animal-related violations.

According to the Mooresville Tribune, an inspection was conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The animal rights group PETA says it alerted the USDA in February to a visitor’s complaint that giraffes there were suffering from painfully overgrown hooves and other neglect.

A routine USDA inspection on April 1 revealed a giraffe with overgrown hooves, records that were not up to date, and visitors feeding and petting animals without an attendant nearby.

The USDA gave the zoo until Wednesday, April 30 to clear up the issues.

Source: The Mooresville Tribune


  • mommacass76

    I am a lover of animals and a strong supporter of animal rights. I believe animal abuse is uncalled for. Having said that, Cindy, I have visited Lazy 5 numerous times in the last decade and have always found the animals well cared for. The fact that out of the HUNDREDS of animals they have there, ONE giraffe had overgrown hooves can, in no way be construed as animal abuse and constitute removal of all the animals. Yes, I believe it should be tended to immediately and have every faith that Lazy 5 will do that, as their love for animals is evident. It said the visitor who made the claim said it was suffering from “…..other neglect” as well. I don’t believe having out of date records is neglect. I have pets of many species myself and they are in pristine condition. However, I’m sure in the years they’ve lived with me, one may have had overgrown nails, or went a few weeks longer that usual for a grooming. Should I have my animals removed? I understand someone was just looking out for the animal and they felt they needed to report it. I wish more people were as attentive and compelled to act when they see obvious neglect and abuse. However, with the information I have read, I do not believe the Lazy 5 Ranch should be ostracized and fed to the media “wolves” for something as petty as this.

    • Joy

      Where is the “like” button?! I have recommended Lazy 5 Ranch on several
      occasions because they are clean, responsible, and authentic. They don’t price gouge and provide a tremendous experience for old and young alike. You can’t buy the love and care that is shown to the grounds, animals, and community. This frankly was obvious-and very surprising and refreshing when I visited here with my family. Better even than any “zoo” I’ve ever seen; this is a real habitat for the animals who seemed so happy and free. Keep your head up, Lazy 5 Ranch!

    • Fran Suggs

      I have been to the Lazy 5 on several occasions and I fully agree with the positive comments. It is a beautiful & educational place for children and adults alike. The animals are well cared for by loving and committed hands. As said above, the animals are in a far better environment than any I’ve ever seen in a zoo. Sounds like if it were a restaurant getting a rating it would have been a 99.

  • eli eubanks

    I seldom make comments on news statements but am always amazed at the ignorance of people. First and for most, the animals at the Lazy 5 are feed and cared for by people that are both compassionate and gentle. I have done some freelance photography at the ranch (it is not a zoo!) on several occasions in which the employees were unaware that I was there. During these shoots I noticed that heroic measures were taken to save several animals, that had they been in the wild, would have died at birth or during a slow agonizing struggle. The owner and staff have spent countless hours (most employees off the clock) to bottle feed young animals that had been abandoned by their mothers or unable to feed. These young animals, in the wild, would never have survived and probably been devoured as prey, which is common in nature.

    Before anyone judges the owners and staff at the ranch they should witness the “behind the scenes” actions and realize that in no way, shape or form, are these animals mistreated, neglected or harmed.

    As far as park goers not being supervised, and the story that someone had their child on the roof of a car feeding the animals, should that not be 100% the sole responsibility of the parent. If you use your child as bait, neglecting to abide by the strict signage located throughout the park reminding you that these are wild animals, then you as a parent are crossing the line.

    I disagree that more staff should be added to enforce rules that are already in place. It would increase the expenses of the ranch and in turn would probably not be affordable for most families in the current state of the economy.

    I continue to take my children, family and friends to visit the Lazy 5 and hope that I will continue to be able to take them on visits to this area. The learning experience for children is beyond those things they can learn in a classroom.

    Frankly…..we as humans have a great deal to learn from animals and we should pay more attention to what they are teaching us.

  • Cliff

    Just came back from the Lazy 5 recently. These animals are happy and well cared for. These accusations are unwarranted.

  • Marie Wilson

    Lazy 5 takes very good care of their animals. Any time PETA gets involved in anything it is trouble. They are notthing short of domestic terrorists and do very little to help animals. They are only interested in their own political agenda and how much media coverage their antics can produce.

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