Jameis Winston accused of shoplifting crab legs, suspended from FSU baseball team

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MIAMI — Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston, who overcame a rape allegation and won the Heisman trophy, was cited for allegedly stealing crab legs from a grocery store, a source familiar with the investigation told CNN Wednesday.

Winston, a two-sport athlete, was suspended from FSU’s baseball team on Wednesday.

The Leon County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office is handling the case, the source said.

Winston, only the second freshman to win college football’s most coveted award, allegedly walked into a Publix near the FSU campus Tuesday night, ordered some crab legs, and walked out of the store without paying, the source said.

CNN calls to the FSU Police Department and the university’s athletic department were not immediately returned.

Winston was not arrested because he was not charged with a crime, the source said. The football star was issued a citation for alleged shoplifting.

In similar cases, most offenders would have to pay a fine, do community service and attend a class related to the incident, the source said.

It was not immediately known what penalties Winston faces.

“I am confident he will complete his community service obligation and the situation will be resolved soon,” FSU baseball coach Mike Martin said in a news release.

The school’s football coach, Jimbo Fisher, said, “I fully support Coach Martin’s decision and will also make sure that Jameis meets all obligations, which I know he will.”


  • Cindy

    Really? Was he that desperate? I am struggling with keeping my head above water and I never cheat, lie or steal! I must come from a different part of the world!

  • Cheerios

    Unsure what this is all about but I doubt he has it that bad considering he is paid by alumni somehow! No big named football star goes to a big college and is left without money! Just like the UConn player saying he goes to bed hungry – grow up playboy, your cry for publicity doesnt work.

  • FaithC

    He gets away with everything, the is given everything so he thinks he is above the law. He will end up in jail sooner or later. He is no better than street scum.

  • Ty Raid @WM2793

    A special investigators appointed by
    Erik Holder has determined that the crab legs said it was consensual

  • AR15

    Jesse Jackson has stated that it was just a misunderstanding with the entire crab leg organization and he was offered free chicken, but decided on crab legs instead!

  • 2Cents

    This guy is a joke. He is a criminal in training. He will be in jail before he ever finishes college.

    the old saying…..’Where there is smoke there is fire!”…defintely applies to this ‘player’.

  • Thomas Christopher

    Wow, he’s got two things going for him: he thinks he is entitled due to his Heisman Trophy status at a college football powerhouse and he is….I’ll stop there before I get banned for life, LOL. Anyway, its too bad that some choose to steal instead of working to pay life’s expenses like most decent people do; and since I am a struggling college student who is not eligible for race-based or athletic scholarships, Financial Aid, or affirmative action programs, I have to work a minimum wage job to make my way in life and school with dignity and self-respect, so I can say this!

  • Dale Fain

    He should be stripped of the Heisman and prosecuted like any other citizen. I went through college and a two sport athlete too. I ate a truck load of Ramen noodles……they make shrimp flavor too! What message is this giving our youth? We listen to the news everyday and we can count on seeing pro and college athletes that have been arrested. It’s time to hold them accountabe.

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