Student attempts back flip at graduation ceremony, fails hard and faceplants

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A Davenport University graduate who attempted a back flip on stage during a graduation ceremony on Sunday fell short on Sunday - and it was all captured on video.

Davenport University held their annual graduation at Van Andel Arena Sunday afternoon.

Robert Jeffrey Blank was a little excited about his big day. After shaking hands with Davenport University President Richard Pappas, Blank attempted a back flip on stage. Unfortunately, he didn't come close to completing the flip and faceplanted on stage.

Blank was uninjured and was able to laugh off the flip fail.


  • Bazinga

    Way to go dumba$$…..pretty sad you just made a huge fool of yourself in front of the entire graduating class. Next time, practice a little whole longer. Stupid People!

  • stinger90

    White boys can’t flip? Glad he wasn’t hurt and I hope his degree is better than his better than his back flip.

      • stinger90

        LOL! it doesn’t make any sense to me either. I was in a rush this morning. Stupid me :p Thanks for pointing that out.

        Will say, the guy played it off well and glad he didn’t get hurt. Plus the white boy comment, was a joke and not to be considered racist.

        Jim, I couldn’t do it nor would I try. I have a 15inch vertical leap ;)

  • SherryB

    So he graduates with a big student debt, no promise of a job in his field of study, and begins his life in the real world with a belly flop flip…And so this is the future of the country..

  • Wilma

    Congratulations. You have proven that 4 years gave you no common sense. BTW, your stunt took away from the diploma presentation of the people who were being awarded behind you. They can’t get that moment back.

    • Kathy

      What is your problem? It’s really not THAT big of a deal. You sound awfully angry and hateful. As a reader, I “can’t get the moment back” of enjoying the funny story because of your anger problem.

  • Sue Hunter

    poor, feller, he will always be remembered..some of you need to lighten up on some of the comments. walking across that stage is a very big accomplishment, and for some it’s hard to get there, he was excited and I don’t blame him one bit, WAY TO GO CONGRATULATIONS

      • Danny

        Do you remember the movie “Patch Adams” with Robin Williams? Well I did the same thing in 1983 at WFU. I think his face plant was a lot better than my butt hanging out of my robes. And btw, I graduated with a doctorate in Chemistry. You and the rest of the world need to take life a lot less serious and enjoy it while you still can because age, diseases, and some governments will eventually take it from you. As a after thought, Smile I still love you if no one else does ;-p

  • Laina

    I’m not gonna judge him. He worked hard to get where he is, even if it means embarrasing yourself in front of the whole graduating class. I’m pretty sure we’ve all done stupid things in our life.

  • Cindy

    Couldn’t have acted like everyone else and soaked in the pomp and circumstance….instead, had to act like an idiot and ended up on his face! What a stooge!

    • Cindy

      Why would I want to act like a fool during my graduation? I have three diplomas…high school, Associate Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree. I acted dignified in all graduations! I hope to get my Master’s in a few years and I will continue to act like a dignified and humbled graduate! No somersaults, flips, etc!

  • Paul Norland

    And you are a graduate? WOW, what is happening nowadays? If I didnt know how to add, divide, multiply and subtract, I would feel like a failure too. Spelling is my tenor. And you should go get some real education, not the one you perceived YOU could be.

  • KIki

    I don’t think he was dumb. He just wanted to do something out of excitement for the ceremony. I mean hes probably who knows how deep in debt after getting his diploma (amazing accomplishment), he can do whatever he pleases on stage to salute his successful farewell from college.

  • Otis T

    Oooh wee, ouchhhh! The moral of the story, don’t smoke too much reefer the night before you graduate. Fortunately, he’s not starting his post Baccalauriate life hooked to feeding tube, attempting to perform that stupid stunt. I wonder if he practiced it in a robe?

  • Tiffany Sinclair

    Wow why are the comments so negative!?! You must really think your lives are boring and not exciting at all like this young man who is graduating! Stop being negative and just enjoy the video!

    Anyway!! This is really funny, lol. Everyone’s expressions behind him!! Yeah I think it made the graduation even better, People had a lot of laughs. To bad he did a terrible impression on the ladies thought :p!

  • sal leone

    The graduation will be remembered for sure. The most important thing he was not hurt and America got to laugh at this guy.

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