Slain teen Danielle Locklear’s family protest for tougher charges

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Danielle Locklear

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – About 50 family members and supporters of a slain Hope Mills teen gathered in a silent protest Tuesday morning, according to WTVD-TV.

Holding colorful “Team Dannie” and “Justice for Dannie” signs in front of the Cumberland County Courthouse, the move came before a regularly scheduled hearing for the two teens charged in 15-year-old Danielle Locklear’s murder.

“We want murder one. We want murder one,” said Locklear’s aunt, Chena Papa. “We feel like this was pre-meditated and we’ll see in trial.”

The group, including Locklear’s mother, Rowna Fowler, came to present the District Attorney’s office with a petition to pursue first-degree murder charges in the case against 17-year-old Je’Michael Malloy and 18-year-old Dominic Lock. Both teens currently face second-degree murder charges.

The petition had nearly 6,000 printed signatures from supporters across the country. It also requested a higher bond for Malloy who is currently being held under $100,000 in the Cumberland County jail. Lock posted the same bond several weeks ago.

“There’s one that’s already out now. We don’t want a chance for Je’Michael to be able to get out,” said Papa.

Following the hearing, in which both teens were represented by their attorneys, the D.A’s office announced Malloy’s bond has increased to $500,000.

Malloy admitted to authorities that he choked Locklear to death on the evening of March 11, before having Lock help him dump her body in the South River. The confession came a month after Locklear went missing.

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  • Tammy

    It doesn’t matter what color they are..that child did not deserve what they did to her..her family does not deserve to have to live their lives without her, those boys need to be punished to the fullest..her life is over so why should they have one..Both sides of these families have lost children..such a shame.

  • rick best

    You guys need to get over the race card she was one of Gods children who was taken from her family and loved ones unjustly. My prayers go out to her family and may justice be served!

  • Jameson

    They should get the death penalty, Life for life, and if she were black, Al sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be here preparing for a hanging, What has this world became, We used to be a compassionate and caring species, I wish it were like it used to be in the 1800’s back in the old west days, a muder charge would get you a public hanging, and that’s what this deserves

    • Ken

      The 1800’s? Really? You bring up “compassion” and the 1800’s in the same breath? Let’s see, we had slavery, the Civil War, subjugating of women, and the systematic removal of Native Americans and that’s just for starters. Yeah, we were a real compassionate bunch then. Next time, go read a real history book before acting like you have a clue about the “real” world.

    • Kevin

      until they hang an innocent person!!!! back in those days it was vigilante justice… thats what u want?…

  • Ken

    People who keep bringing race into this are the weakest minds in a land of weak minds. Someone lost their life and the perpetrators need to be severely punished, end of story.

    • Stephen

      If you are not aware that there is a serious double standard against white people, when it comes to race, then you don’t even have a mind. Thus even a weak mind is far better than what you have.

  • DMill

    Who gives a RAT’s BEHIND about the color of any of them!!!!!!!!!!! All of these parents have lost their children. A 15 year old is no longer here and the other two dumb-butts may get life….. This is the big picture…. 15,17 and 18 years old…..SAD!!!!!!! Instead of always falling back on race lets try to figure out WTFreak this little boy was soooooo mad at that he had to KILL her…… And why his stupid behind friend was soooooo stupid that he tried to help cover it up.. My prayers are with both families involved because everyone hurts, but I also pray for the right sentence to be handed down to those two idiots!!!!!

  • Ty Raid @WM2793

    In the land of stupid protests this doesn’t mean a lot they’ll end up with community service at a library.

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