High Point woman loses 280 pounds thanks to hard work and Instagram

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image33HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Whether you are trying to lose five pounds or 50 pounds, when it comes to long-term weight loss, it's not a sprint. It's a marathon.

Few people understand that the way Elizabeth Borkland does. A High Point native, she has lost 278 pounds and is still counting.

Three years ago, it would have been impossible for Borkland to lift weights and exercise. That's because she didn't realize how much she weighed until a humiliating experience gave her a dose of reality.

"I was on vacation in California when I stepped on a trucker's scale where they weigh trucks and those numbers are huge," Borkland said. "And I found out in very huge numbers that I was 522 pounds and I was not happy."

isnt3Life at 500 pounds

Life at 500 pounds had its share of challenges, including finding clothes that fit and getting around every day.

"I would get out of breath getting to the car, walking to my office," Borkland said. "I mean I needed my assistant to go to Starbucks to get my latte in the morning."

The moment

But Borkland said the shock of seeing the actual number and feeling uncomfortable were not enough to get her health in order. It took something closer to home.

"The 'Ah ha!' moment was when my brother found out he had Diabetes by falling into a diabetic coma," Borkland said.

Borkland started walking everywhere and stopped eating out. Those small changes helped her lose 100 pounds.

"It's great to lose 100 pounds, but when you're 400 pounds overweight, losing 100 pounds kind of doesn't matter as much," Borkland said. "So it was about not stopping."

CapfasdfstureThe Instagram filter

To push past the exercise plateaus, she joined Instagram and posted photos of her progress. Through the photos, she found a support system.

Working with her trainer, Jonathan Cedolia, Borkland has gained 18 pounds of muscle and has learned to ignore the scale and focus on how she feels.

"This past week I went to an event that I wore a size 16 dress to," Borkland said. "I haven't worn a size 16 since I was 10. So I mean that was amazing! I looked beautiful! That was amazing."


As her journey continues, she says the key to success is patience.

"It took me 30 years to realize that I was 500 pounds. Do not think you're going to change in five minutes. Trust the progress. Slow progress is better than no progress."

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  • Cheerios

    500 lbs….geez…thats pretty disgusting. I hope your planning on surgery after losing all this weight because you know all that fat does not disappear! I will look forward to the day you can see your feet again!

    • Never give up!

      Cheerios- She is working on herself due to her striving to better her life. She did not need any negative comments. I think she looks beautiful. She will do whatever it takes to get her life back as she can and she seems determined enough to do it.

      Elizabeth- Keep up the good work! You can do it!

    • dreamtmc88

      First – Elizabeth I am Celebrating with YOU! Your hard work is so inspiring and I am looking forward to following your progress online and using YOU to inspire ME! The picture of you with the sunglasses, you can see how happy you are – your smile says it all!!

      Cheerios – You’re a sad human being. It is those who have lost their way, or may not have had the opportunity to realize the importance of living a healthy lifestyle that deserve the most praise and encouragement when they are working hard toward their goal. I hope Karma gets you for the attitude you possess. You – Cheerios – are the one who is disgusting.

    • Lo

      Cheerios, I am so sorry that you hate yourself so much you have to be negative towards someone that is doing better for themselves. If you have nothing intelligent to say please say nothing. I pray God put joy back in your heart.

    • Elizabeth J Borkland

      To answer your question yes I do plan on having some surgery after I get to my goal of 20% body fat.

  • skamnorth

    You rock!!! I hope people find inspiration in this. You have the spirit of olympians and I hope no nay-sayers will ever break that.

  • Forgery!

    Size 16 dress! I would love to see that picture… Seeing is believing and it seems that this chick lives in her own world. Inspiration….NOT! It’s great that you’re losing weight, but someone can’t do math…

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