2 arrested for break-in, drug use in Randolph Co.

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Ignacio Elias Reta and Dylen Lee York (L to R)

RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — Police have arrested two men in connection a break-in to a Seagrove home.

An off-duty officer with the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office saw two people smoking what appeared to be marijuana at Bicentennial Park in Asheboro on Monday. The officer contacted the Asheboro Police Department, but when officers arrived the suspect vehicle had left the scene.

Officers spotted the vehicle a short time later and conducted a traffic stop. While executing the stop, officers smelled marijuana and took two suspects into custody.

Once in custody, Ignacio Elias Reta, 18, of Asheboro, and Dylen Lee York, 19, of Seagrove, admitted that they had just broken into a house in Seagrove.

After interviewing the suspects, officers had them point out the residence of the break-in, which occurred in the 5700 block of Ridge Road. Reta and York admitted to stealing property from the residence, which included three guns, numerous jewelry items, a knife set, coins and two red gas cans.

A small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia was also confiscated from the suspects.

Reta was charged with breaking and entering, larceny of a firearm, possession of a stolen firearm, three counts of possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was confined under a $43,000 secured bond.

York was charged with breaking and entering, larceny of a firearm, possession of a stolen firearm, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was confined under a $25,000 secured bond.


    • Anything else you want to add?

      Well one is white and it looks like one might be Hispanic, what’s your point? Are we to believe the peaceful white people/ Hispanics can’t commit crimes? Wait, have we located a single race on the planet that doesn’t commit violent crimes?

      If you were making a point Tracey you nailed it….

  • Cindy

    Regardless, they are drug heads, lowlifes, scum of the earth! They need to be locked up in prison for years!

    • destiny

      Love both of these boys ! One of them like a brother to me …. what they did may not be right but I hope they both learned something.

    • Mayra

      If u got to know my bother “ignacio Reta aka Nacho” you would know hes a awesome brother and uncle hes just having a hard time knowing what friends to keep…. hes FAR from scum…. God bless and have a good day -Mayra Reta

  • Julio

    Why would they have to go to prison for years, when there are murderers, rapists, child molesters still walking around, free? They do deserve punishment, but it should fit the crime.

    • mymomthenarcissist

      I see where you’re coming from… but it takes a true criminal to break into the home of someone who owns guns and then steal the guns. They had COMPLETE disregard for the fact that at any moment, someone might have come home and shot them down cold. If I found them in my home… I would have shot them first and asked questions later. There would have been no option for prison. What they did was a felony. No one steals guns, which are then reported stolen, therefore unregistered to do something NOT criminal with those guns. They weren’t going to put them in a trunk in their rooms and save them and wait on the zombie apocalypse. They were going to use them for something else. Even if they didn’t have the INTENTIONS of using them for something else, they might have sold them to someone who needed an unregistered gun. They might have shot someone with them because they didn’t know how to fire a gun properly. They might have done anything… as we can see from their actions, they make poor decisions. They are idiots. Idiots who commit crimes deserve to go to prison and be off the streets.

      That’s why.

  • Cindy

    Druggies need to stay off the streets…..one thing leads to another…stealing, killing for drugs…get it, Julio?

      • mymomthenarcissist

        And no, it’s not okay. When molesters and rapists get caught, they go to prison too. Why is this even being used as an argument? All criminals need to be punished accordingly.

      • mymomthenarcissist

        …… They confessed because the cops found the guns and asked them for their registration for the guns. They could not provide a registration for the guns because they were STOLEN… so they confessed. I’m glad you weren’t the detec on this case. Your “putting things together” skills are busted.

  • Owned

    That Dylan sure does look angry. He better hope he gets a really good lawyer. If not, the first day in prison someone is going to turn that nasty look to a terrifying one. You figure it out.

  • RaeRae

    I can’t believe that I knew these boys… Neither of them ever seemed like they would do something like that!

  • Kirsten

    Get over yourselves, people. Race doesn’t matter. These boys were misguided by something other than pot. Dear god, do your research and get your head out of your butts. I don’t condone this but who are you to judge their actions. The police and news ALWAYS leave something out. Again, get over yourselves.

    • Sweetpea

      I agree with you completely, i know both of these people personal and i know one of them parents! Both of them have been in trouble before and Reta is on probation now so he will go to prison now! Its not always drugs or how they are raised because i know ones parents well and they are good people. People need to stop judging a book by its cover and like she said “get over yourselves”.

  • Josh A

    These guys are not meth heads, they made a bad decision, they’re both friends of mine, and I’m not saying they should just get off, because they do need to be punished, but life in prison? That’s a little excessive

  • My name

    I can’t believe this I use to look up to one of them “nacho” as a little brother I remember him telling me that he was gmgoing to start doing good I mean he was either almost or on probation I don’t think they should go to prison because the people that really need to go there don’t they get set free but indeed a punishment I’m so upset over this I can’t believe the closest person in high school I was close to all the way up till he graduated did this it’s unbelievable…/:

  • Caitlin

    Okay so i know both of them very well and i knew that they smoke weed and thats not that bad because there is ALOT of people that dose!! But i would have never thought they would steal from someone like that and yes i think they should get punhished but really prison for years! Come on lets be real yeah punish them for what they did and leave it at that!! I reamember me and nacho was talking one day and what he told me I would have never thought this would have happened…and whoever said they are meth heads and druggies you need to learn your facts and stop trying to make up stuff because the only thing they do is smoke weed because if you really know these boys like I do you would know it wasn’t true!!!

  • Ashley

    …. I think prison is a GREAT idea. Why? Because the alternative could have been being shot and killed by the owner of this house who CLEARLY owned guns. Another alternative would have been NOT being caught, doing it again, breaking into somebodies house like mine, and getting SHOT. Another alternative would have been them committing a different crime that INVOLVED those stolen guns…. I have infant daughters. If I woke up with someone in my home, I would shoot them and worry about the technicalities of whether or not they were “really good boys at heart” later. There are many gun owners who shoot. Not only did they choose to break INTO the home of a gun owner. They then stole the guns. Close your eyes for a moment and in vision yourself in THEIR shoes, making a mistake like this… First of all, there are about 10 different levels where most people would TURN BACK and just stop. They could have stopped and walked away from this when they had the idea, when they were driving there, when they were standing outside of the house working up an adrenaline rush, when they decided how they were going to enter the home, once they were inside, once they started grabbing things, once they found the guns, once they got in their car, once they got down the road, once they got to the park. At any of those points they could have used their JUDGMENT and stopped doing what they were doing. They could have had so much regret that they ditched the stolen stuff or even took it back. They didn’t though, they committed that crime and they kept the stuff. The felonious stuff. Because they are NOT people like you and I would have stopped before we even committed a crime. They are criminals and criminally minded. They committed the WHOLE crime. You CANNOT steal a gun with our gun laws set in place and expect it not to be a felony. So, what I’m trying to point out is… it took a lot of disregard, a lot of commitment, and a LOT of stupidity to go through with something like this. They deserve to find out that they can’t get away with shit for the rest of their lives. Send them to prison. It’s a lot better than where they could have been sent. And stop calling it *A* mistake. As I’ve pointed out, they made mistake after mistake after mistake, as they had so many opportunities to decide to stop.

  • haley lopez

    i went to school with both of them. why would they do this? they were so much better than that..hopefully they learn from their mistakes.

  • Courtney Lajoie

    I knew them personally and they’re both like brothers to me. It’s shocking to know they did this and hopefully they’ll learn from it. But for those of you who don’t know them u don’t need to be making comments. Simple as that.

  • Tina harrison

    I agree with courtney i knew both o them very well they were my close friends and i cant beleive tht they did this but either way it was wrong and yes they should be punished but if u never knew them getting on here commenting methheads crackheads and its just becuz the ones hispanic your stupid and u need to grow up ok they never got caught doing meth or crack it was weed so keep ur negitivity to ur self plz get over yourself

  • destiny Phillips

    I agree with them if you don’t know these boys don’t judge them. What happened happened they made a bad choice ! and they are paying the price for it ! there for we have nothing to worry about. Like i said before if you don’t know these boys then you shouldn’t be saying anything!

  • Just Saying

    It suprises me that no one made any comment about Reta already being a felon at 18. He is a lready on probation for Felony breaking and entering. Check the NC Dept of Corrections website.

  • Just Saying

    Also what type of a person would smoke dope in the middle of the day a
    t a downtown city park with a bunch of stolen guns.

  • Amanda Kinley (Linder)

    “Nacho”Reta is actually a really sweet person. all he does is smoke pot. whats wrong with that? hes just made some bad decisions, but who hasnt?

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