Tupelo meteorologist yells for staff to take shelter on live TV during tornado

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WTVA Meteorologist Matt Laubhan yelled at the crew to evacuate the news studio as a tornado slammed Tupelo live on TV.

Forecasters declared a tornado emergency for three counties around Tupelo, Mississippi, on Monday afternoon as a line of severe thunderstorms swept through the area, the National Weather Service reported.


    • Kayla tee

      Cyndi, I’m not sure where you are located but Louisville ms. Was hit really hard. I believe they said 16 dead and many unaccounted for. Where as tupelo damage was mostly contained to business, Louisville damage was mostly to homes. Not that tupelo doesn’t need help, I just don’t know how much they will let citizens do. I know that in Louisville they were asking for volunteers. Please pray for the residents and families no matter the town that have been affected by these storms.

    • Kayla tee

      Sorry, typo. 6 deaths. Thank heavens it’s not at 16 yet. I hope that everyone is located and there is no further casualties.

  • Shelby

    It was horrible. I live in Saltillo, which is right down the road from there. The mall was damaged. Whole buildings were destroyed. One of my co workers watched it go on my Sonic and hit the mall right across the street. Going down there tomorrow if the roads are clear by then.

  • Kayla tee

    Matt did an amazing job yesterday and I am so thankful that my friends and family had him to look to yesterday. This man truly cares about the people that he broadcasts too. It would have been so easy for him to have gone to the basement and taken cover as soon as possible but this man waited until he couldn’t possibly wait any longer, putting himself in danger to inform residents. Thanks for your dedication to Mississippi Matt!

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