Whitsett woman killed by drunk driver, suspect charged

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WHITSETT, N.C. – A husband from Whitsett is mourning his wife after police said she was killed by a drunk driver.

Authorities said Pattie Ash-Luck died at the scene after being struck Friday on Highway 49 in Albemarle. Officials said the driver responsible was under the influence.

Troopers have charged 24-year-old Zachary Butler from Norwood, N.C., with driving while impaired in her death.

The 49-year-old victim’s family said she was on her way back home to Whitsett from work at the time.

The suspect was reportedly driving 75 to 80 miles per hour, crossed the lane after illegally passing another driver and then struck Ash-Luck's Ford head on.

Officials said Butler was ejected from his pickup truck and suffered severe head trauma and broken legs.

More charges are pending, even though Butler is still recovering in Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte, according to authorities.

Dennis Luck, the victim’s husband, said Pattie had a heart of gold and was an amazing family woman and a giver.

"She had no chance to get out of the way, she was there at the wrong time,” he said. “Just stay at home if you're going to drink. Stay at home, don't get behind the wheel."

Butler has a previous criminal record for drug charges in 2006 and felony breaking and entering and possession of stolen goods in 2009, according to state records.

Those wanting to give donations and honor Pattie, can contact the family at deluck5494@yahoo.com.



    Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Mrs. Ash-Luck. It is a shame that people still cannot get it through there thick skulls, that if you drink, you do not drive. Period. The is absolutely no excuse for drinking and driving. None. It is not worth the lives that will be lost or the bodies that will be broken by doing so.

  • samiam

    People who drive and drink will never get it, they are nothing but a bunch of losers anyway. Until the lawmakers in this country see it that way they will continue to walk among us. Make it a felony, and charge them with murder, maybe be them some of these loser will get it.

  • Laurie

    I agree with samiam stop slapping them on the hands and make it a felony and make them hurt as and suffer as bad as the families who lost their loved ones, way to many inocent lives being lost because of stupid people drinking and thinking no problem I can drive!! Until stronger and much tougher laws are in place more loved ones will be lost by this and is so heartbreaking, my thoughts and prayers go out to Pattie Ash-Luck family and friends I’m so sorry for your loss.. Bless you all

  • Melissa

    I worked with Pattie. She was heart of gold through and through. She loved her family and especially her baby grand-daughter more than anything.

  • Sherry

    Why is it the ones that are drunk and intoxicated beyond belief are the ones that survive these type of tragedies? If you’re gonna drink and get drunk, stay where you are !!
    Pattie was a wonderful, caring, goodhearted woman, mother and grandmother. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to her family !!

  • fred

    Sorry to say this but this can’t be stopped.You can’t fix stupid.
    Drunks don’t think.
    Thoughts and prayers go out to both families.
    Two families were destroyed in less than a Minute.

  • FaithC

    So sorry to read this. Thoughts out to the family.
    We need much harsher punishment for drunk drivers. As far as I am concerned if you drink, drive and kill someone it is 1st degree murder. You made the discussion to get behind the wheel drunk.

  • Darlene Greeson

    Pattie was a wonderful friend….we are very saddened by her passing…and will miss her dearly….It’s kinda crazy, but she would be the first one to forgive that driver, and would probably be praying for him…that’s just the way our Pattie was….Love her….until we meet again my friend…and one day we will…

  • Tonyea

    I had the pleasure of working with Pattie…she was not just a supervisor but one I thought of as a good friend… Pattie had a heart of gold and loved her friends and family so much. Words just cannot express my sorrow. Peace and love to her beautiful family

  • Danielle

    People are so thoughtless with there comments. I’m very sorry for the loss of pattie pray her family can find forgiveness. People make mistakes. Zachary was a hard working father and fiancé who made a bad choice. Don’t judge what you don’t know.


      Danielle, I don’t know you or Zachary but Pattie was like my sister for 20 years she was a great person we are dieing over this our family is so so lost . What will i do when i get bad at my 2 girls . I always call PATTIE she would say they are good kids. It is so hard. But Pattie for gave Zach . She always seen the good in peoples , BUT FOR NOW OUR FAMILY cant for give him . Maybe one day. But i would love to meet him , and tell him about the great Pattie Luck . That he killed. we will say by tomorrow to our Pattie . BUT TELL HIM TO CALL LATER 336 339 2790 MY NAME IS DONNA it may help. ps. i have a 28 years old and a 24 years old
      . May God be with us all.

    • emma

      This is so disgusting u want people to think about this man in a good way. Are you kidding me? You are a joke and so is the man u are trying to protect. This wasn’t a mistake he drank alcohol purposely got in a car and drove…… that is not a mistake this is plain ignorance and your ignorant for commenting this on here when you should be saying how sorry u are to the family. He gets to live and be with his kids while he family has to go on without her at the hands of this man and his actions. Maybe if it was the other way around u would think differently how would u like it if his children had no father because someone else decided it was a good idea to drive drunk. Personally I believe that he should rot in prison bc that is where murders belong and that’s exactly what he did was murder this woman. Most disrespectful comment I’ve ever read.

    • Debbie

      this was more than a MISTAKE,this was murder,because he chose to get behind the wheel an drive,what if the situation was reversed what would you call it then?

  • Doris Barnes

    I only knew her for a short time she was a wonderful person to work with
    I am so sorry for your lost and my lost she would come to work with such pretty dresses on and i would tell her to go home clean out your closet and bring me some of those pretty dresses. She would always talk about her granddaughter and show me her pictures . Always such a soft voice. Loved to her talk . Pattie you will be missed Family please hold on keep your faith .

  • Reality

    Danielle Im sorry but making a choice to drink and drive AND speed – that was not a mistake – it was a CHOICE. And had that been someone you loved killed by a drunk driver I am sure it would be a choice in your eyes then. If he had been concerned about his fiance and his family – he wouldnt have gotten behind the wheel drunk.

  • Dawn Miller

    Prayers for Pattie’s family, I am so very sorry for your loss. I worked with Patty a few years ago and she was intelligent, funny, kind hearted and had a loving and sweet spirit. Heaven is a brighter place today for sure.

  • terri

    Well , where do I begin. This young man made a lot of bad choices , I might could get past one but he made alot of them ,drinking and driving , speeding with drinking and drving , passing another car while speeding and drinking . Now tell me again how hes a great person ,really . I’m glad I don;t have to be his judge .Gods got this hope hes made his pease with the Lord and yes our Pattie would be the 1st to forgive him ,thats why shes sittting with her Lord tonight.We will go on ,it will be hard and we will be sad but not without believing that one day we will meet again.love you forever Pattie.

  • Jacob

    I am the brother of Zack and all you people have the wrong idea about him. Yes its a sad situation we are all in but zack is a good man he works 80 hours a week to support his wife and son. He has made some bad decision in his life but that was 5 years ago when he was hanging out with the wrongpeople. He has made a drastic change in his life after our dad died and hasnt been in trouble since. My prayers go out to the family of Pattie she seemed like a great women. All of you people saying he needs to rot in jail may God be with you cause thats not Godly to say about someone even through all the hate and anger. The news is also giving the wrong story he was by no means illegally passing someone. Also he wasn’t even drunk he had alcohol in his system but was fully aware of what was going on. Whoever was in the car that swerved him off the road please come forward and tell the real truth behind this.

  • Justice

    Truth is… He was driving while impaired!!!! Were you in the vehicle with him to witness the car that swerved him off the road? Plus he was going WAY over the posted Speed Limit… ENOUGH SAID>>>> Rest In Peace Pattie Ash-Luck

  • Doris Barnes

    Brother of Zack stop making excuses for him if he work 80 hours to take care of his family why was he not working on the day he killed my co -worker.

  • Darlene

    So, thats not the same Zachary Butler that has a pending court date for speeding and wreckless driving to endanger….with something about improper registration and tags…and the state patrol charged him with DWI …but he wasn’t drunk…just had some alcohol on his breath….all the beer cans and boot leggers was from. another day..or not even his??

  • Lorrie Hancock

    There is only 168 HOURS in a week. If he would have been working 80 hours he would be too tired to be drinking on a Friday at 5:07. He has changed my life. I have a son that stayed at Pattie’s with her son many times that is getting married in August without his Pattie. My daughter is also getting married without Pattie this year. Our annual July beach trip will be without Pattie. My everything will be without Pattie. Zack makes me sick, all of you make me sick. All you do is take up for Zack and find excuses for him. He had chances to change. You talk about us not being Christians, the Lord is the only thing holding me back. Be glad that we are God fearing because if we were not……. Pattie was the one that kept us in line, that was forgiving, loving and taught us to try not to judge. You think we are bad, you should have seen us before Pattie. Lord please help us to forgive.

  • terri

    I hope this will change Zack, because he needs some help, I don’t wish bad for him but he needs help.If this was his family and someone was telling him all the good about the driver I don’t think it would make him belive that the driver was good . Its not our job to jugde , only God knows what happened that day. but the fact that Pattie lost her life tells most of the story.GOD BE WITH US ALL

  • Debbie

    Bottom line here, your brother ,fiancé Or whoever, CHOSE to drink an drive, with that choice he made he KILLED a very sweet an loving friend,mom,sister,grandma,co-worker…to my eyes that is murder, I personally think that he needs to go to jail for life as all murders should ,but I’m not his judge,god almighty is,and he WILL answer to him one day

  • Christa

    The police report will be ready any day now and NOBODY in Zack’s family will be able to dispute it not to mention his blood alcohol level. Zack May have fooled all of yaw but he will not fool us nor will we let up on him getting the harshest punishment possible. He should be taken away from his family and put in jail for life just has Pattie has been taken away from her family for life! We can forgive and we have to forgive as God wants us to but we shall never forget nor stop fighting for justice for our loved one Pattie Luck! Zack has pending charges already that he has to be in court for aside from this accident he should have learned from that but no he decided to live above the law once again and look where it has gotten him! I pray for everyone involved here!

  • Justin

    Well..as a matter of public record, looks as if new reporting was correct. Even though family members say Mr. Butner was a hard working father, it seems he had a hard life of not obeying the laws which has left him a convicted felon. In a vast majority of his crimes, there were real victims such as the victim in his most recent crime…that his family members say was a “bad decison” . Please understand, a person of good moral character would never do what he did. A decent father would not do as he did. If someone would have driven impaired and killed one of Mr. Butler’s children, his family members would be coming out of the woodwork demanding the death penalty. Trust me,I know this to be a provenn scenario. So to the family membrs of Mr. Butner, he commuted a hideous crime that costed a human their life. I hope and pray the judicial district in the area it occurred in takes into account his previous record as aggravated factors for sentencing purposes and he spends the next 15-20 of his life confined in the department of corrections, which I may add is only a mere vacation of what punishment he should really receive. And to think you folks actually attest that he wasnt impaired when he commited this hideous crime. What a shame and waste of time for posting such defensive comments!!!!

  • Justic

    Funny how Jacob has come back and deleted his comment! Must be a coward to like his brother…

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