$4K reward offered for info on family dog viciously killed in Forsyth Co.

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Scottie, a family dog viciously killed in Forsyth County.

FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. – A $4,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever viciously killed a family dog in Forsyth County.

Fur-Ever Friends of NC and other people are offering the reward in connection to the death of an Australian Shepherd named Scottie.

Officials said Scottie had been severely beaten, tortured, and then shot multiple times. The body of the dog was found by its owners at their Germanton home on April 5.

All-terrain vehicle tracks were discovered at the entrance property of the Stafford Mill Road home, according to officials.

The family has said they do not have any enemies. They said whoever is responsible must have entered their property because the dog would not have left the yard.

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office said they will share new information in the case with the public on Monday.

Anyone with any information can call the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department at (336) 727-2112 or Forsyth County Animal Control.

Scottie's reward poster

Scottie’s reward poster


  • Jameson

    I hope they get sick and die, it takes a no good piece of human trash to do this to any animal, i pray they get caught

  • fred

    The person or persons that did this lives close to the family.
    You don’t ride a ATV that far from your home.
    Hope they catch them soon.

  • BB

    I agree with Fred. It has to be someone that lives close to family. Anyone that would do this would also get sick pleasure from hurting a child or someone smaller than themselves. Hope they are found and arrested soon. Our justice system needs more severe punishment for this type of crime.

    • Mark

      I wish they would just give us 5 minutes with them. That is all
      it would take to leave a lifelong impression on them!

  • Tom

    The person or person who did this are the lowest form of scum. When caught, the low life trash who did these things should have the exact thing done to them that they did to the animal. I truly despise people like this!

  • Mark

    I dont ask for much but I pray to God they find these people and give the them the same treatment they gave that beautiful animal. I feel so sorry for the family of that beautiful dog. That dog contributed more to society that the culpits ever will. So sad.

  • Queen Bee

    I’d like to know who did this. I’d like their pictures displayed on billboards so everywhere they go, everyone knows what they have done. I am praying they are caught. That poor dog.

  • Mark

    I cant concentrate on my work today because of this story. Saddess thing ever and I am jsut livid and distraught over it.

  • anom

    Isnt this is the same area that the two guys kicked and dragged Benny “Justice for Benny”. If they werent in jail, maybe someone should check them out….they got a slap on the hand for killing Benny last week. May Benny & Scottie run together at Rainbow Bridge….and know one day these people will pay dearly…..burn in hell!

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