Former Reynolds HS track coach accused of sending sexually explicit messages to student

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- A former track coach at R.J. Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem was arrested after officers say he sent sexually explicit messages to a student.

Thomas Anthony McEachin Jr., 23, has been charged with solicitation of a child by a computer to commit an unlawful sex act.

In January, Winston-Salem police officers obtained information that a 15-year-old student received a series of inappropriate/sexually explicit messages from a track coach at R.J. Reynolds High School.

Arrest papers show that McEachin reached out to the student through Kik, a phone app that allows users to share messages, pictures and video. Police would not elaborate on the nature of the messages sent to the student.

“This is a very serious incident, a very sensitive incident,” said Capt. Catrina Thompson of the Winston-Salem Police Department.

A warrant was issued for McEachin’s arrest. He turned himself into detectives on April 24 and was placed in the Forsyth County Detention Center under a $20,000 bond.

His court date is set for May 15.

The Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools district learned of the arrest Friday morning, said Theo Helm, a spokesman for the school system.

“The district was informed of an allegation against McEachin on Jan. 18, and Superintendent Beverly Emory dismissed him Jan. 22 in cooperation with the police department,” Helm said in a statement. “Between the date of the allegation and his termination, McEachin did not coach at Reynolds.”

Athletes who were coached by McEachin and their families were informed of the investigation at that time. The school district notified all Reynolds families upon learning of his arrest on Friday.

There were no other victims identified during the course of this investigation.

Police said it took more than three months to complete the investigation because they were trying to determine if there were any other victims.

“We want to make sure we get it right so we take our time through the investigation and sometimes it requires a series of interviews,” said Thompson.

Police encourage parents to stay up to date with all forms of social media their kids use and to report any inappropriate activity to police.




  • news2me

    Oh Lord……23 is so not grown-up but you should know better even if the girl or whomever was 18 years 11 months.

  • Chucky1992

    There has been a lot of this type of thing in the news. You would think that people would be more aware and know better.

    • NobodyAtAll

      @joe: If you are referring to news2me, what don’t you understand? And as far as “girl”, I see the word “student” about five times…Where is the word “girl”? I missed it..

  • FaithC

    That is the thing with social media, once it is sent it is set in stone. Good way to catch all these freaks.
    At 23 you are old enough to know that 15 is off limits.

  • jake

    Thing is media is built to make it seem as though it’s not that’s how they get paid.. it took 3 months no other victims they interviewed of female runners this kid has no criminal record he had a great future.. it’s so crazy how they say he sent explicit messages but want say What the messages said.. how many times have we seen the media blow something up and in the end it wasn’t so..

  • jake

    More exciting news why is the school trying to cover up the fact they had him in a position where he was not suppose to be. He coached boys and girls by himself at 23??? Red flags he wasn’t old enough to be head coach. At 23 he was only no more than 4 years older than the oldest person on the team…

    • GC

      You do realize that most people who graduate from teacher education programs start their teaching careers at 21-23 years old don’t you? And many of them coach. Also, if he was 23, he would normally have students in the 14-19 year old age range, so he could have been 9 years older than they are. On the outside of the age range they could be as young as 13 and as old as 21. It is an everyday thing for 23 year olds to be working with students in this age range; however it is not normal for them to do what he did, and it is not ok. Even if he felt an attraction towards a student he is old enough to know better. I’m only 4-6 years older than some of my students, but I know to keep a distance from them for my own good, as well as theirs.

  • nicky

    @targetsaquired, your the nutjob for even saying that, you must be white,haha, but anyway hes not a perverted freak you dont even know him so what I suggest you do is do some research before you start freaking making conclusions on anything,you might be a freaking pervert.He is a very respectul intelligent black man thats never been in any type of trouble at all graduated and went to college.

  • v


    • targetsacquired

      Oh…you mean go do what he was doing to you and a few others? Nah….Ill sit back and watch yall eat your own….you do realize that you are proving everyones point right?
      I dont have to know the guy…the media insured we knew that this guys a pervert…they have the proof….so there ya go…
      Go back to trying to figure out what “optical inch” means…:)

      • NobodyAtAll

        @targetsacquired…The media doesn’t insure anything…Remember to believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see…And when it comes to the media, think about what Orson Welles created in 1938…

  • v

    F.Y.I…@targetsaquired…your the nutjob…is this what u get time for..go and spend time with your kids or clean up or cut the grass or scr#w your wife or something …your not spending you time wisely! !…lol you a joke…get a LIFE..MITCH

    • targetsacquired

      Mitch, I pay undereducated guys like you to do those jobs, altho most of them have names like Jesus….
      Scary thing is that they can pass a background check, unlike your coach friend here….:)

    • targetsacquired

      BTW, the language used in your e-mail was more than hostile, it was downright silly. It looks like your caps lock key is also stuck, but expected.
      Go back to defending your chester the molester buddy….

  • nicky

    WOW, some people are just plain dumb like targetsaquired,dont speak upon something you do not know anything about, YOUR DUMB, IF YOU BELEIVE EVERYTHING YOU READ!!! Thats how I know your stupid

  • nicky

    You don’t know him so your just going by what you hear,everybody love to take stuff and run with it a lie is so juicy but there’s no juice in the truth,but there’s no juice in the truth but lies are juicy so you gone believe that and run with so @ targetsacquired juicy have a nice day juicy,lol

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