Forsyth Co. family builds safe room for tornadoes

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CLEMMONS, N.C. -- When the Hughes family couldn't include a basement when building their home a few years ago they decided to include a safe room.

"I know that every five to ten years there could be a bad storm," said Crystal Hughes, who lives near the Forsyth/Davidson County line -- an area that has been hit several times by storms. "When we realized we couldn't have a basement we were determined we had to have something."

The safe room was built with concrete walls filled with mortar, a ceiling capped with a stone cover and a steel door with steel casing.

"All of our neighbors know we have it," said Hughes. "[Neighbors] always say if we have a tornado warning, 'We are coming to you;' which is fine."

The family has used the safe room twice since moving in during two separate tornado warnings. The safe room was a first for their builder, who helped research the construction and which cost thousands of additional dollars.

"You can’t put a price on your family's life," said Hughes.