Woman accused of killing ex-husband 22 years ago convicted of trying to kill son

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LAS VEGAS — A woman who was accused of killing her ex-husband and found not guilty 22 years ago has now been convicted of trying to kill her son, the Sun Sentinel reports.

Linda Cooney, 64, went on trial in 1992 for allegedly killing her husband James Cooney on Feb. 7, 1992. Her son Kevin, who was 11 years old at the time, was a key witness who said his fatally wounded father may have had something in his hand at the time of the killing.

He had previously told investigators there was nothing in his father’s hand.

His testimony bolstered his mother’s claim that she shot her ex-husband in self-defense.

Linda Cooney has now been convicted of attempted murder, battery with a deadly weapon, intimidating a witness and stalking.

She will face between three and 65 years in prison when she is sentenced on June 23.

Source: Sun Sentinel


  • Cathy

    I heard this story the other day. The woman was mad that her son was engaged to a woman she hates. They got into a huge arguement. The son’s fiance said the son said his mom (unprovoked) pulled a gun and shot her son. The son at first was saying the same thing. He then changed his story and claims he attacked her first. He was in tears begging for an apology. Even though he’s paralyzed. End result? He ended his engagement.

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