UPDATE: Missing 2-year-old found safe, suspects arrested

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MISSISSIPPI — A missing 2-year-old from Mississippi is now safe after two suspected kidnappers sought in a nationwide Amber Alert were captured in Sylvester just after midnight Thursday.

According to WALB, parents Donald Harris, 34, Allison Studdard, 31, and baby Maliah were traveling in a 2002 Pontiac Aztec when they were pulled over in Georgia.

Maliah Harris

Maliah Harris

Authorities had been searching for 2-year old Maliah Harris after she disappeared from Lowndes County, Mississippi early Wednesday morning.

Her 7-month-old sister Alyssa was found dead at their home.

Police say the 2-year-old is safe and the parents are in custody.

Source: WALB


  • JCardin@naylenshope.com

    I plan to keep following this story. I find reading between the lines that their seventh month old died and they fled the next day. They are the two year olds parents and had custody of her. It appears to me this is just as likely a case where the seven month old died of possible SIDS and an overzealous DSS attempted custody of the two year old. There is definitely more to this story and I hate to see these parents demonized.

    • Suzie Dillon Collins

      It is VERY unlikely that a 7 month old is going to die from SIDS. SIDS normally strikes at a MUCH younger age. Plus the fact that the parents ran WHILE the grandfather was on the phone reporting the death of their other child. If your 7 month old child dies, is your first instinct going to be to flee or are YOU going to be the one to call 911 instead of the grandfather?? Too much doesn’t add up

      • Vicky Smith

        Unfortunately not everyone has their facts correct. SIDS is also known as cot death or crib death and is the sudden death of an infant. Science has yet to prove the cause. I have been in the medical field for 23 years .The peak incidence occurring when the infant is at 2 to 4 months of age but can and has been known to occur up until the infant is 12 months.SIDS risk is greatest when an infant is sleeping. Learn your correct facts before posting.

      • Suzie Dillon Collins

        Vicky Smith~~~Read my reply AGAIN…. I have my facts 100% correct… I said it is VERY UNLIKELY that it would happen with a 7 month old.. I DID NOT say it couldn’t happen..You don’t have to be in the medical field to know about SIDS and actually. Don’t preach to me until you have read the comment correctly….STILL the point is, WHY did the parents make a mad dash out of town while the grandfather called the police because the child died? IT WASN’T SIDS those monsters killed that little baby

  • Maggie

    the 7 month old was discovered by the grandfather, who called the police. The mother and father then grabbed the two year old and fled while he was on the phone. The police feared for the girl’s safety (which leads me to think there was evidence to suggest the baby did not die of natural causes).

  • Jennell

    The risk of SIDS is lessened after six months but it does and can happen up to a year. It is most common between the ages of two and four months. SUDC happens even at age two. Very unlikely is not an accurate term.

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