RJ Reynolds reacts to proposed e-cigarette regulations

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The US Food and Drug Administration announced new proposed regulations for e-cigarette products Thursday.

"This proposed rule is the latest step in our efforts to make the next generation tobacco-free," said HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

According to the proposal, e-cigarette manufacturers will have to start registering with the FDA and include health warnings and ingredients on products. Companies will also have to stop selling to minors, and stop promoting e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative to smoking until the FDA has scientific proof that those claims are true.

“Tobacco remains the leading cause of death and disease in this country. This is an important moment for consumer protection and a significant proposal that if finalized as written would bring FDA oversight to many new tobacco products,” said FDA Commissioner Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D. “Science-based product regulation is a powerful form of consumer protection that can help reduce the public health burden of tobacco use on the American public, including youth.”

Both RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company in Winston-Salem and Lorillard in Greensboro produce lines of e-cigarettes.

“We are currently reviewing the proposed deeming regulation and are not in a position to comment on anything specific at this time. It’s important to note that the issuance of the draft deeming regulation simply begins a process that includes a 75-day public comment period. We will provide comments on the draft regulation and participate in the rulemaking process. Additionally, the issuance of the proposed deeming regulation does not affect the current marketplace for e-cigarettes. We continue to work with the FDA on this and other matters of interest as we believe open lines of communication are the best approach to establishing an effective, science-based regulatory framework for the tobacco industry,” said David Howard, spokesperson for Reynolds American Inc.

The FDA will consider finalizing the proposal after a 75-day comment period.


  • Tiny tits Tina

    Another prime example of Democrats trying to make government control every aspect of your lives. I hope Reynold fights this b.s.

    • Learnthelaw

      YEAH tina. You tell them sheeple like it is. You tell them how RJR has been pushing for the FDA to regulate. You tell them libtards how RJR will benifit from this because they have the means to comply with regulations that smaller companys don’t.

    • ThePear

      Wait, you’re mad at Democrats for companies having to list their ingredients on their packaging? Oh, how cruel and senseless of them. Everyone knows that companies ONLY look out for the American public and would NEVER put anything harmful in their products without telling us… oh wait.

  • Wendy Mays

    Why isn’t alcohol regulated the same way tobacco is? because there are more alcoholics in government than smokers? They all should be taxed and eliminated the same way !

  • shan

    Yet alcohol freely flows in the legislature… bunch of old codgery coots. Back off and go adjust your denture cream.

  • Linwood Martin

    Stop promoting e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative to smoking until the FDA has scientific proof that those claims are true? What kind of proof do they need? Sure, maybe there is some legitimacy to researching what is being inhaled with the vapor, but I’m pretty sure its no where near the level of toxins and carcinogens that are inhaled with cigarette smoke. I don’t believe they will ever be able to say they’re not a healthier alternative. Our government has to stick their nose into everything and see how much control they can get over us or what more revenue they can pick from our pockets. This is just ludicrous.

  • Lynn

    RJR and all manufacturers of ANY tobacco products should just stop using the chemicals that “someone” has required to be put on the tobacco and take it back to “natural” and MOST of the harm would be gone. These e-cigs are nothing but dangerous.

  • Lionel Harrington

    We need give some benefit to e-cigarette as it is some what better option in comparison to tobacco cigarette at least for environment and also helps in saving money and reduces smoking habits.

  • A

    I smoked a pack a day (20 cigarettes) for 9 years. One day I picked up a high end EVOD e-cig and went cold turkey. Haven’t needed or wanted another real cigarette since. I feel better, more energy, my dry smokers cough is gone, I sleep better, and I smell better.

    E-cigs work, believe the hype. Do yourself a favor and get a high end vapor cig though. Don’t waste your time with disposables.

    Granted, I can’t put this thing down and I smoke it 10X more than I ever did real cigarettes, but that’s normal and so far no side effects.

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