Richard Gere fools New Yorkers while playing homeless man for upcoming film

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Richard Gere (file photo)

NEW YORK — Hollywood star Richard Gere apparently plays such a convincing homeless man that one kindhearted woman gave him a bag of food Tuesday while he was in character for an upcoming movie, the New York Post reports.

Gere was in New York sporting a ski cap, a grizzled beard, drinking beers from brown paper bags and eating food “found” in the garbage for his role in the upcoming movie “Time Out of Mind.”

The 64-year-old Golden Globe winner known for playing the handsome star of movies like “Pretty Woman” and “An Officer and a Gentleman” has fooled every New Yorker who has seen him during filming, the Post said.

Gere did not even break from character when the woman gave him the bag of food. He simply smiled and thanked her.

“I saw him. He looked like a natural homeless guy. He didn’t seem like he was acting. He was an excellent homeless man,” Mizan Rahman, who sells newspapers on Park Avenue, told the Post. “He was putting his hand in the trash. He looked like a real homeless guy finding something.”

Other workers nearby noticed cameras, but couldn’t figure out what filmmakers were doing.

Gere also was spotted chugging a beer on a bench and sitting on a sidewalk while filming the movie earlier this month.

Source: New York Post