NC lawmakers propose dumping Common Core standards

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A legislative committee voted Thursday to recommend to the full North Carolina General Assembly that it do away with Common Core standards for math and English in public schools.

WTVD-TV reported that the Common Core State Standards Initiative was put together by educators and state leader across the country in an attempt to bottom line what students should know in Math and English at the end of each grade.

But the idea has proven controversial, with supporters saying national standards make sense, and detractors who say it will lead to a federal takeover of schools.

If the North Carolina bill recommended Thursday is approved in the upcoming legislative session, the bill would go into effect July 1.

To help come up with a new set of standards, the bill creates a new Academics Standards Review Commission. That commission would start meeting this September and would have till December 31st of 2015 to make final recommendations to the State Board of Education and the General Assembly.

In the interim, schools would continue to operate under existing Common Core standards that are already in place in North Carolina.

But, under an amendment to the bill proposed by Republican Senator Jerry Tillman, the newly appointed commission would have the power to make immediate changes on “urgent” aspects of Common Core that they find particularly problematic.

In the end, the State Board of Education and the General Assembly would have the final say on what standards the state will adopt.

Source: WTVD-TV


  • FaithC

    From what I have seen about common core math, it is ridiculous. All I can see it doing is turning children off to math.
    It seems they have taken something very simple and made it very hard.
    It is time to go back to basics. What our children are getting now is the ability to pass standardized tests.

    • ThePear

      I am a big supporter of the new common core math. I think it is a far better way to teach students to think, not just to quickly compute. The reason many of us older people view the new way as harder is because we actually learned math the hard, confusing way, instead of learning the practical, efficient way. Common Core math makes all of us who learned it the old way to THINK while doing math, and we don’t like doing that. But children? I like them to have to think when they’re in school. I’d much rather them learn how to solve math problems instead of just knowing what answer to write on a test. I like to set them up to be far more productive at math than I was ever able to be, because I was taught the wrong way. I was never good at math in school. I struggled from mid-high school through college. It wasn’t until after college, when I re-taught myself how to do math through hands-on work experience, that I finally started to “understand” how math works, and how easy it can be when it is taught the right way. And what is the way I taught myself to do math? The same was as Common Core teaches.

  • CNA

    Well, this all sounds like a waste of money to me. I’m an educator and I think the millions it would take us to switch back to another curriculum could be used in other ways. Like getting my kids out of a mobile classroom and into a building. Oh, and a raise to keep up with inflation would be super.

  • Lisa K Wells

    What is even the point of trying to assess children through exams, since the schools typically pass all of them anyway? FAIL THEM if they aren’t making the grade. Teach them that life isn’t about doing a half-a**ed job and getting promoted anyway; in the real world, if you don’t do your best, you aren’t awarded with raises or promotions!

  • HH

    I don’t see anywhere in the amendment that the federal Race to the Top Common Core testing mandates have been eliminated from our statutes. It actually looks like the standards have just been renamed. It states that NC will comply with the conditions of the Federal Grants. RttT is a Federal Grant. No one in the committee meeting yesterday asked anything about this.

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