NC family says deputy hit child on bike

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WILSON, N.C. – The parents of a five-year-old girl said that a Wilson County Sheriff’s deputy hit their daughter while she was riding her bicycle.

WTVD-TV reported that the victim’s father said he wants an apology.

Makayla Marlow was riding her pink “Hello Kitty” bike a few weeks ago when the family said a deputy hit the girl with an unmarked county vehicle. The father said the deputy is their neighbor.

She only suffered some skinned knees. Her mother said at the time she went up to the deputy and demand an apology, but never got one.

The family told WTVD-TV that all they got were inappropriate comments, and no investigation. They are very frustrated.

“He should have stopped his vehicle, waited for them to continue, or said, ‘I’m going there,’ and made sure everything was clear,” said the girl’s father, Michael Marlow, “but he decides to accelerate around Makayla’s bike and knocked her front tire.”

The sheriff’s department and the district attorney’s office could not be reached for comment.

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  • Bazinga

    No shocker there….most people with a badge abuse it daily. Police officers just seem to get worse by the age group nowadays. Only true American hero’s are the men and woman with registered guns WITHOUT a badge….lol

  • preachercharles

    what’s wrong with this world anymore is that no one has respect for one another anymore, regardless of the circumstances it was a child what would it hurt to apoligize if it keeps conflict down and shows compassion one for another. Sometimes, no all the time ,’even if your not at fault’ a lil I am sorry can go along way especially if it makes someone happy and keeps conflict down. And as for the gentlemans profession yes he is a law enforcement officer , but he is a person just like all of us and not just him but we all should be a professonal when something like this occurs. God Bless

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