King man accused of attacking family member with ax

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Brookvalley Road in King (Google)

KING, N.C. — A King man was arrested after officers said he attacked a family member with an ax and cut the phone lines at his home Wednesday in Stokes County.

Officers responded to an assault call at a home on Brookvalley Road in King around 2:30 p.m. They found a man with extensive injuries to his face and head.

The victim was transported to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center where he is still undergoing treatment.

Officers identified the suspect as Christopher Tyler Pruett, 22, of King, who is also the victim’s family member.

He was on the scene and taken into custody.

Officers later discovered that the phone lines inside the house had but cut and money was stolen from the victim’s wallet.

Pruett is charged with felony armed robbery with a dangerous weapon and felony assault with a deadly weapon.

Pruett is in the Stokes County Jail under a $50,000 secured bond.


  • Zombiekiller

    50k bond. LOL at the magistrate that put that down. Meanwhile the pot guy gets a million dollar bond. This state…….

  • JT

    Mr. Pruett took an axe/
    And gave his cuz a few good whacks/
    And when he stood before the man/
    Magistrate charged him 50 grand/
    Meanwhile, on the Davidson scene/
    A man was hauling 40 pounds of green/
    When he was caught for lack of smugglin’ skill/
    The judge charged him for about a mil/
    So the lesson you should heed/
    Better to swing an axe than sell some weed.

  • Misty jones

    I do not understand why my husband busted my glass door in and started
    Stabbing my friend n front of my children last Tuesday and was running from the police for 3 days in forsyth county and no one found this news worthy as my children and I were n hiding…maybe if my story would have been important my children would not have went through what they had to for 3 days….his charges r much more severe as he is under a $75000 bond when there should not b one seeing as how his plan was to kill me and my children possibly…there is something terribly wrong with the choice to give these people bonds after these violent crimes…who’s side is the magistrate on I wonder

  • J

    I went to school with Chris. He was always the type of guy to put down anyone he thought wasn’t worth his time. Always seemed antagonistic and hot headed. Needless to say, I wasn’t a fan, nor am I surprised he’s in jail.

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