Boy, 14, said to have brutally assaulted elderly woman at Calif. senior home

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Raymond Miranda

HEMET, Calif. — Police in the desert community of Hemet are searching for a 14-year-old boy who is accused of nearly beating to death an 87-year-old woman.

KTLA reported that on April 17 the 87-year-old woman was sleeping in her retirement community home when she awoke to find that she was being burglarized.

Raymond Miranda, 14, and another juvenile who was arrested shortly after the incident reportedly attacked the woman, assaulting her and even pouring bleach on her. The woman remains in critical condition in the hospital.

Miranda is wanted on suspicion of attempted murder and torture. Police said he is reportedly homeless on a wanted flier.

The retirement community is gated and it was not clear how the boys got in, he added.

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  • Richard Nance

    Just think there are Millions & Millions more of these thugs & he’s only 14 years of age & already homeless, just another preview of what’s Crossing the border Illegally & you might as well get ready for more of the same on a daily basis especially here in our state, seems like they love it here….

  • Jennifer Nichols

    That is a shame, How you know he is illegal? there are a lot of parents who have children who dont take care of them and they have to fend for them selves. YES HE DID WRONG AND SHOULD BE PUNIDHED!!! But maybe he was crying for help! I hope he gets the help! Because you stick in a juvenile he will come out the same he needs a loving home after he serves his time turn him around!! Her is too young to be put to the side! At least he will be fed and warm!! So SAD!!! The poor lady is in the hospital sick because of him and he is homeless because of his parents!!!

  • Cecil

    Jennifer you are an idiot. Do you actually think him beating and almost killing a helpless elderly woman is a cry for help? Most likely he is homeless because his mom couldn’t handle him anymore. A great deal of the population has been homeless, in Seattle WA 40% of the homeless are adolescent yet you don’t see them brutally beating helpless people. This kid if not punished accordingly will become a serial killer. At 24 years of age I couldn’t imagine hurting a person who didn’t do a thing to me… This kid needs to be beaten and thrown in prison.

  • Vikki Murrell

    Prison is not always the answer and quick fix everyone thinks it is…Yes he needs 2 be punished but throwing him away is not the way 2 do it…The system has always worked that way and as you can clearly see it has fixed nothing if anything it is getting worse.

  • Jon Anthony

    This unwashed and undocumented little simian needs to have his head put on a pole at the entrance to his village of origin, with a notice that this is how America handles savagery.

    • dewey

      yet many americans are subject to or commit the same savagery……remember blankets with smallpox given to the indians, all done with a smile

  • Silvia

    How in the world could you even know if he is legal or not!!!! What he did is terribly wrong. Period. It does not matter if he is legal, illegal, white, black, brown, yellow or purple!!! People! Wake up!!! It is a matter of respect; safety. Poor, poor dear little old lady. Hope she recovers and hope that “creature” receives the punishment he deserves. By the way, not all illegal aliens are from Mexico…

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