10-year-old girl gives Michelle Obama her unemployed father’s résumé

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WASHINGTON -- A 10-year-old girl gave First Lady Michelle Obama her unemployed father's résumé during an event at the White House on Thursday.

The first lady hosted the children of Executive Office employees at the White House on Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

The girl, Charlotte Bell, gave the first lady the résumé during the annual question-and-answer session. Bell told the first lady her father had been out of work for three years.

Bell's father, who actually worked for the Obama campaign in 2012, recently tried to get a job working for the Obama administration.

The first lady told the crowd the matter was "a little private" and promised to deal with the matter later. The first lady gave Bell a hug and took the résumé with her as she left the East Room.

Charlotte's family said they joked over the weekend about making a job pitch to the first lady, but her parents did not know Charlotte would give it a try.


  • NobodyAtAll

    Michele’s daughters are a little plump so what does she care if anyone else is eating right…Even so, what has her ole man done about job creation since 08? Nothing comes to mind.

  • chris

    Staged by parents or not. If guy helped Oboma get elected has not been employed. Its been shown and presented to the all mighty job creator and welfare pusher and he don’t get hired.. Well whats the sayin don’t forget where you came from. This man helped get you your job. Now how you re-pay him…

  • Bazinga

    Our so called President is useless and has done nothing but ruin this economy…blame who you want, but he is a President who screwed Healthcare and thats one thing everybody needs…he went right for the juggular and didnt even get approval through the Senate and approved it himself like a sneaky lil dirtbag he is. I have no freakin clue how he was re-elected because he sits back and does nothing like his fake wife and kids. A total joke to the US and I cannot wait to see what happens next because the next Prez has alot of cleaning up to do from Obama’s screw ups……Obama was re-elected to supposedly take time to fix all that was broken and all he has done is made it worse!!!! Congrats Obama, 1st black President and easily regarded as the worst! Whats that tell ya…lol

  • Shavonne

    You can see the way that Godnis working in that little girls heart and life! Not most kids would of had the courage to do what she did! What Mrs.Obama chose to do with that resume is between her and God!!

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