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Video captures suspect stealing items from baby’s grave

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ONTARIO, Ohio — A suspect has finally been captured on video in the strange case of items being stolen from a baby’s grave shortly after he died in 2007, WJW reports.

The Ontario Police Department told WJW that the parents of Hayden “Tank” Cole Sheridan stated taking items to the 14-month-old’s grave and noticed they would sometimes go missing.

The parents finally reported the missing items to the police in 2012 and a surveillance camera was set up. It was not until April 19, 2014, however, that a clear picture of a suspect was captured.

A detective working the case told WJW the suspect may not be responsible for all the thefts, but police are attempting to identify the suspect.

Source: WJW


  • megs

    This bi*ch should be ashamed of herself!!!! This family has been through enough losing thier sweet baby. They shouldn’t have to be worried by some low life who has nothing better to do with her life then take things from a child’s grave.

  • FaithC

    This woman is a total pig, (and I think I just insulted pigs). They should blow up the picture and post it everywhere and post it on youtube. Let everyone know what a disgusting person she is.

  • Patrice Collins

    I really expected it to be a child or animal. I would be more than happy to pay for printing the fliers. She will have fun in prison where she belongs.

  • Crissy Ditmars

    This is just sad and disturbing. Nothing like adding insult to injury. Not only did the parents loose a child but then to lay that child to rest and have items they placed on the grave be stolen is just sick. They really need to be posting her picture like crazy. She must not know what it is like to loose a child. I hope they find her and justice is served, My heart goes out to the family to whom this happened to.

    • Steve

      I am by no means perfect as none of us on here are…but to steal items from a grave especially a child’s grave is simply despicable!

  • Randy Jessup

    People greive in thier own way how dare this woman interfer with the grieving process. Also you people critizing the parents for leaving items at the grave need to pray that you never have to go through the grieving process with your own kid. Karma is a biotch.


    She’s a grave robber. If she is a cleaner, prior to mowing those items would be in the office. Either way her actions need to be addressed. We TRUST that people would respect those kind of things, however, this is an untrustworthy world and people have a stronger self-interest than the interest of others feelings. It could be several people robbing graves. Wrong yes, but I don’t think there’s a law that discourages people from removing items above ground.

  • Lisa Straka

    Faith how stupid and foolish to make a statement like that.”The baby can’t play with it” Really!!! So that gives the women the right to take toys from that babies grave.

  • karis pagenkopf

    Why and the hell would that woman want a toy from that poor baby’s grave.She can’t afford her own or what?That is so sick. I hope they get her.She did not have no right doing that.

  • Mr.P

    She looks like the type that would be thinking “I can get $3 for this at my next garage sale”. Everyone who has bought stuffed animals at a garage sale there for the past couple years ought to take them to this child’s gravesite. Or maybe everyone could leave a toy there anyway. It’d be cool to see about a hundred teddy bears at the gravesite.

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