Randolph Co. Sheriff’s Office releases new phone app

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office has released a new phone app to help citizens stay connected with law enforcement. sheriff app

The app is free of charge and was designed at no tax payer cost, using seized asset forfeiture monies.

The production of the app began nine months ago after a citizen was attempting to send a photo of a suspicious vehicle to the sheriff’s office.

The app is the first sheriff’s app in North Carolina and the first of its kind that lets you take a photo and immediately send it to law enforcement, according to a sheriff’s release.

The app includes features like emergency alerts, gun permit information, vice/narcotics tips, inmate information and a list of sex offenders in your neighborhood.

The public also has the ability to anonymously send news tips, such as strange vehicles in their neighborhoods, reckless driving or anything else that should be reported.

Sheriff Maynard Reid stresses that the app should not be a replacement for 911.


  • CDS

    Seems like they care a little more than GREENSBORO POLICE DEPARTMENT… my husbands motorcycle was stolen Monday morning and you cant even get the detective back on the phone to give them information you have found out, and the police are not even willing to listen because they are not the detective investigating the case… ugh.

  • James

    I downloaded it on my iPhone and found it by looking for Randolph County Sheriff. I love that I can see all the most wanted.

  • Walter VanWinckel

    Almost a decade ago I asked why GSO doesn’t install videocameras in our streets and garages and high crime areas and put those signals on the internet so we could all be watching.
    Great idea.
    No interest by the town fathers or our Finest. Would be less costly than hiring more bodies.
    AND it would make the baddies worry a bit.

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