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Officer caught on video tripping, pushing students has been placed on leave

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A police officer in Texas shown tripping and shoving teenagers in a video has been placed on administrative leave, according to KXAN.

Bermudez-GeorgeStudents from Vandegrift High School in Austin rushed the field in Georgetown after their girls’ team won its first state championship on Saturday.

Video of the celebration posted on YouTube shows the officer, identified as George Bermudez, tripping and shoving several students.

A spokesman for the Georgetown Police Department said parents began emailing the department early Sunday morning about the video.

“After personally watching the videos, the actions of my officer are very concerning to me as well,” said Georgetown Police Chief Wayne Nero.

Bermudez has been with the department since 2005.

Read more: KXAN


  • John

    Those kids aren’t supposed to be on the field, so what ever happens to them should not be punished. They should have stayed in their seats and in the stands.

    • Chucky1992

      I’m am in law enforcement. While the kids probably should not have stormed the field, that is something that happens all of the time. The officer’s actions were not appropriate.

      • stinger90

        Chucky, thanks for restoring faith in the police. There’s so many things they have done (not to me per say) to make me bitter towards them, but have always respected the badge.

    • ThePear

      I’m getting really tired of hearing people tell taxpayers that they are not allowed on their own public property. Those students had every right to be on a field that was built with their and their family’s money, and built specifically for their use…

  • Frank Martin

    A police officer of 9 years should have know better. He has no right tripping and shoving students , especially girls . This could have got someone hurt and another lawsuit against the police department that ends up costing tax payers for this police officer dumb judgement that was all uncalled for. But it happens all over the country several police beating on one people , even shooting them for no reason at all, so you better train them better or get rid of these type of police.

  • samiam

    What a dumb cop 9 years and its down the tube, looks like his next beat might be a security cop at the mall. Anyone who would go to an event like this and not think someone was not filming is a bigger dummy, he ought to lose his job.

    • Hatter

      I doubt it will be 9 yrs down the tube. When his paid leave is over everything will likely go right back to normal for him.

  • Margie

    He seems to have a sadistic streak and would probably do best in a job where he would be closely supervised. Too bad for him.

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