Indictment: Suspects went to wrong home, intended to kidnap prosecutor

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RALEIGH (WTVD) — Federal authorities say in an indictment handed up Tuesday that the group that allegedly kidnapped 63-year-old Frank Janssen from his Wake Forest home went to the wrong house, and originally intended to kidnap his daughter.

The daughter is a Wake County assistant district attorney.

Authorities said Janssen’s daughter, Colleen, was targeted by an imprisoned Bloods gang member.

Kelvin Melton, 49, allegedly masterminded the kidnapping from his jail cell in Butner.

Colleen Janssen was the prosecutor who sent Melton to prison on a life sentence.

The indictment says the group that Melton hired originally intended to kidnap a defense attorney, but later aborted that plan.

The target was switched to Colleen Janssen, but the kidnappers Googled the wrong house, and grabbed her father on April 5 instead.

A federal grand jury handed up nine indictments in the case Tuesday. In addition to Melton, the group charged includes:

Jenna Paulin Martin, 21
Tiana Maynard – AKA “Tiana Brooks,” 21
Jevante Price – AKA “Flame,” 21
Michael Montreal Gooden – AKA “Hot,” 22
Clifton James Roberts, 29
Jakym Camek Tibbs -AKA “Jak,” 21
Quantavious Thompson – AKA “Quan,” 18
Patricia Kramer (not in custody)

The group allegedly used a Taser to subdue Janssen and then drove him to an apartment in Atlanta.

The indictment alleges he was pistol whipped and stunned dozens of times while handcuffed.

Once in Atlanta, the kidnappers started making demands to the Janssen family by text message. The messages included a photo of him tied to a chair in a closet and said he would be killed if the demands weren’t met.

A special FBI team located and rescued Janssen April 10.

All nine defendants face federal kidnapping and firearm charges. If convicted, they face the possibility of a maximum sentence of life without parole and a $250,000 fine.

Source: WTVD


  • UnderArmour

    I think they should all spend life in prison and no chance for parole at all….why even try for something less? If we cant kill all of them, may as well let them sit in jail forever and hopefully they get beat everyday for what they did to that man.

  • Veronica medina

    What a bunch of idiots most of them are just babies the youngest is 18 the others over 21 .Now have to spend the rest of there lives in jail for some stupid shit so sad

  • Chucky1992

    Melton “masterminded” the thing? I beg to differ. He didn’t master anything. Not only did they kidnap the wrong target but they got caught too. LOL

  • t

    Scary that a bunch of thugs think this way. We are ALL at risk with people like this in society. Using the internet to find an address was asinine as well. “If it’s on the internet it must be true”.

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