Horse carriage crashes in Charleston

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CHARLESTON, S.C. — A horse carriage crashed at a market in downtown Charleston Tuesday afternoon.

According to WCSC, three people were in the carriage at the time and sustained minor injuries.

The horse is also expected to be OK.

The incident happened after the horse was spooked, but investigators don’t know what spooked it.


  • anom

    thqt’s why horses shouldnt be used for this purpose. it’s inhumane in that hot muggy charleston weather!

  • fedup

    Are you kidding me? Inhumane!!!! You f—— liberal PETA lovers need to jump off a the highest bridge you can find hugging each other with kittens in your pockets….. my God what is this world coming to? It sickens me each time I read comments on here. If it isn’t dumb a FaithC its some liberal idiot with a screwed up view if right and wrong. Inhumane would be whipping the horse while it was pulling a double plow in 106 degree weather, refusing to let it drink and it hadn’t been fed in days. These horses in Charleston ate well taken care of. They make a trip through a shaded city. Pulling a cart on wheels. Then back to the barn for food and water. Maybe a nap. There isn’t just one horse doing the work….

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