NC girl kicked out of prom for wearing pants

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CHERRYVILLE, N.C. — A student at Cherryville High School said she was kicked out of senior prom for wearing red skinny jeans.



According to WBTV, Shafer Rupard and her friends went to prom on Saturday at the Cherryville Golf & County Club. After arriving, she was approached by a teacher and asked to leave the prom.

“The teacher tapped me on the shoulder and said she had a problem with what I was wearing,” Rupard told WBTV. “I thought it was because of the hat or the leather jacket and I was like well I’ll take those off and she was like ‘No, it’s the pants.”

Rupard called the decision “ridiculous.”

When Rupard’s mother asked school officials why her daughter was dismissed from the dance, she discovered there is no dress code for prom. She then showed the school’s assistant principal the code of conduct and prom invitation.

“She looked at it with me and she said you know what you’re right there is no dress code here,” the girl’s mother said.

The family has not received an apology from school officials. Administrators and school officials are on spring break this week.

Source: WBTV


  • Wilma Kirkman

    Just think, this person valued the clothes more than the fact a child was attending something of a school event…..Just think if a POOR student tried to attend she waould have been thrown out for poor clothes—Shows the value of these events– Not supose to be this way. Poor School

  • Roxanne

    She should’ve at least wore dress attire, even if it were dress pants. You can be stylish and dress how you like, without wearing jeans, and a dumb looking hat.

    • Wynne

      How stereotypical can some of you be? Who are any of you to say what was in the child’s mind for the reason she dressed the way she did? Maybe she doesn’t wear dresses. I am a teacher and many of my female students don’t even own dresses because they are not comfortable in them. The prom may in most people’s mind be considered formal, wear the best to show off, get your hair and nails done, come in a limo but some students don’t attend because they can’t compete with this or it just doesn’t matter to them. This girl had the right to attend. She had the right to wear whatever she wanted….there was no dress code cited on the invitation. She was completely covered, clean, presentable. have you seen how girls come dressed to prom these days? The teacher was in the wrong. The girl offered to remove the jacket and hat. Therefore, leads me to believe that this wasn’t an attention getting stunt. As for the dumbo who cracked on the parents naming their daughter Shafer, you sir need to get a life and keep your opinions to yourself when it doesn’t impact you. Jeez. What this world has come to when everyone thinks that they have the right to have an opinion on something that does not remotely even concern them. The girl deserves an apology and a refund on her ticket. She will have this horrible memory for the rest of her life because of the insensitivity of one teacher.

    • Will Grant

      Why would she file suit? The school officials did exactly what she wanted them to do. She got a lot more attention out of this than she would have otherwise…and she attended the prom unescorted for a wide variety of reasons, “James Mills.”

    • Chucky1992

      “MISS CONDUCT ON BECOMING A TEACHER”? you have no idea what in the hell you’re talking about. LOL

  • justin

    This is just stupid on both parties. She thinks she’s being “cute” by dressing like that and they still could no handled it differently. Both groups are wrong. Making an argument on either one is pointless. Its a loss for both groups.

  • 2Cents

    If the prom invitation did not specify a dress code, then she was free to wear whatever she wanted. At my prom, our invitation specifically said –formal attire– if this schools invitation did not specify…..then she should ahve been allowed to stay.

  • John S

    Proms are always formal attire. This girl is just an attention seeking idiot who thinks she is so unique that she can do whatever she wants.

    • Liz

      Miley Cyrus seeks attention too & makes millions doing it. Who’s to say they are idiots? lol

      Also, she should have been able to wear pants, and the invite should have said if it was a formal affair. Lots of things have changed over the years and why is Prom not one of them? Ya know what they say about assuming! ;)

  • Rachel Rader

    Latelyprom is only a fashion show to show off how much money you or your parents have(while going into debt to do it). And a lot of shools actually put in more and more restrictions even on that …ie. no spegetti straps or no strapless has to be a ertain length or in school colors. It must have this or cant have that ect. This is the one time some1 actually showed up fully clothed. Didnt show off expensive cloths and this teacher had a problem with it. Just shows this teacher expected ppl to spend money they might not of had. Its called income discrimination.

  • FaithC

    Maybe she just did not want to wear a gown.
    Next year I am sure the school will put “formal attire” on the invitation.

  • Jerod S.

    How does what this girl wants to wear affect anyone but her? Prom is a celebration for ALL students, not just “mainstream” kids, and if there’s no dress code who cares what she wears. People need to learn to mind their own business.

    And let’s be honest, this has a lot more to do with the fact that this girl was dressed in a way that challenges gender stereotypes than anything else. A GIRL in *pants*? At the PROM? Oh Heavens to Betsy, what is this world coming to?

    Shafer, if you read this, as a former Cherryville High student myself (class of ’98!), take heart that there are Cherryville natives out there that support you and think you should be able to wear whatever the hell you want, whenever you want.

  • Chucky1992

    Bingo! You are so correct. Even in court, we deal with a lot of younger adults who show no respect for anyone including themselves.

  • Chucky1992

    I agree with Justin. Both parties could have handled it better. The school should have made it clear if there would be a dress code. The girl should have considered the event and it’s nature better when deciding what to wear. The teacher should have addressed her concerns in a much better way. It would be interesting to hear what kind of student this girl is. I’d just about bet that she is one who is always testing to see what she can get away with or challenging the staff. I knew someone like that in High School and she was forever frustrating the teachers and principal but only did it for argument sake.

  • Wilma Kirkman

    OK school had an event for children did not specify formal attire teacher did not like the attire–Male Femal does not factor in, School events should be for ALL student those who can afford and those who can not. Why bar any student that has attended that many years the attendance of that function. The teacher was WRONG and I am thankful I do not live there nor my family I would NOT want small minded people like that to have influence on any child

  • its my business

    I was invited to Prom since my Freshman year and always wore the dress and accessories, etc. My boyfriend and I went to Prom wearing Matching Tuxes (late,late ’70’s). We were the hit of the Prom. Yes, I wore fitted tux pants, the tux shirt, a bow tie, jacket, the whole 9 yards and curled my long, long hair and it was fun. I actually surprised my boyfriend with my matching tux ensemble. Everyone thought it was awesome.The following year, about 4 or 5 of my friends decided to do the same thing. I don’t remember if our invites said ‘Formal Attire” but being in West Los Angeles, I just think it was always a given. Now, my two boys are older and have gone through their proms dressed to the nines. Some of their friends (guys) would show up in Khakis and a polo for pictures. No one ever said anything to their friends (guys) that they weren’t dressed formally. I’m not saying what she did was right or wrong. I went after the attention and we got it. There was not one teacher there that didn’t say what a great idea! Even if it did say “Formal Attire” – that is still gray matter. If I had a daughter, would I let her out of the house dressed like that for Prom? No, not unless the entire cheerleading sqaud was doing something like that together. But I certainly would not have sent her home form the Prom. I hope her picture makes it into the yearbook for the Prom Pages, Just saying …

  • Patrice Collins

    You can go to Tj Max or Ross and get a dress for 10.00. Rich or poor money is not an issue here. She should have at least wore dress pants. ALL proms are formal attire. That is common sense. That said , if the school did not specify it is on them. I must say though that it is very sad that they have to.

  • heidi

    Its as simple as freedom she wasn’t hurting no matter what the reason she had for wearing her choice of is just called freedom

    • rembrandt

      All progressive liberals cry freedom foul until it’s something they don’t agree with. I’m donning my sequined thong and baby doll T and I’m going to your prom.

      • VM

        All right-wing conservatives cry foul the moment their religion is involved, so what’s your point? You cry about being “persecuted” which is a load of bull. God knows I would have LOVED to wear pants to the prom as it’s a whole more comfortable to dance and have a good time in pants than a fru-fru dress and heals!

  • rembrandt

    Hudson McCurley you got to be a left wing nut. All liberal kill the babies,save the trees nutbag leftists women do the two last name thing. I know this because there is no other plausible explanation. Unless of course she’s crazier than a bag of cats like you.

  • SherryB

    She got exactly what she wanted..Attention..Proms are formal, she wasn’t even close. If she wants to be a guy she could have dressed in more appropriate attire. Skinny red pants and a red cap should have been saved for her clown costume. She looks like an idiot. Good for the chaperone/teacher who called her out…

  • charliecat31

    Unfortunately the school has no one to blame but themselves if they decided not to specify a dress code for the prom. We can all say that prom’s are meant to have formal dress, but to this young girl, red skinny jeans may be her idea of formal dress. By fashion choice or by economics, who is she hurting by what she wears to the prom? What have they taught this young girl by making her leave a school function? Hopefully her mom helps her gain something positive out this situation.

    I do not understand all the insults being hurled in the comments section. Opinions can be expressed without insulting a teenager… or other adults.

    • Marie

      Eonomics….I can assure you what she was wearing costs as much as a gown. It is time people use some common sense and know that a prom is a formal event. I don’t blame the girl, I blame the Mother, she was wanting attention, she needs to stop playing “hip Mom” and start being a Mother.

      • charliecat31

        I am all for formal dress when and where it applies and in my opinion, Prom is a place for formal attire.
        However, none of us know this girls situation. This may be the nicest thing she owns. Maybe she was given the clothes. Or maybe she purchased them at a thrift store and selected it because she could wear it again, unlike a prom dress. Or maybe this is just how she wanted to dress for a formal event, where there was no dress code given.
        My point is, that in my opinion, kicking this girl out of a school function isn’t going to help her. There are so many kids that don’t attend prom or other school functions because they feel bad about themselves or don’t have a date, etc.. Yes, kids need to be taught how to dress for different situations. But some of the dresses the girls wear are so short that they leave little, if anything, to the imagination. Those dresses are “acceptable”, but a girl in pants isn’t. I just think it’s all something to think about…

  • TM

    One time I was walking thru the mall and I saw this kid who was covered in tattoos and had a pierced nose, embrow, tongue ring, and multiple earrings…. As I stood and look at him he noticed me glancing and said “hey what the hell are you looking at?” I looked point blank at him and replied, “you!! You are obviously starving for attention!!’ After seeing the photo of this girl, its pretty clear that she wanted attention. Bright red pants and that goofy hat. Might as well wear a cocktail skirt to a funeral. That will get you attention too……

  • fooey

    Attention seeker. She could’ve at least left the hat and lip ring at home. Everybody KNOWS proms are formal affairs.

  • Hunt Allen

    I am an older individual with years of education experience as well as business management. I find it hard to understand why any teacher would ask a student to leave the prom because she had on skinny jeans and a blouse. The hat does not matter. Women are allowed to wear a hat of their choice even to church. The teacher was wrong and should be disciplined. I personally think a party dress or formal would have been better, but she was clean and not dressed inappropriately. Even us old guys have respect for someone who dresses clean and not inappropriately. At least she was fully clothed and not half covered as we too often see in the media. I think the teacher owes the student and the entire student body an apology.

  • Rob

    Look at what people wear no matter where you go. Have respect for yourself. Money is not an issue in my eyes this. is for attetion.. You can buy a dress at Walmart for 20 bucks….A boy or girl wearing this it would NOT be appropriate.

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