U.S. Senator nearly hit by train during train safety press conference

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Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal narrowly missed getting hit by a train during a press conference on Friday.

Blumenthal was standing on the platform of a train station in Milford, Conn., while the town’s mayor, Ben Blake, spoke about commuter safety.

“We have about 5,000 customers taking the trains each and every day. Safety, as you know, is paramount,” Blake said. Seconds later, a train whizzed by and nearly brushed Blumenthal and an easel.

Blumenthal, as shown in the video, was clearly standing over the yellow safety line.


  • Fabian

    well there are two things to blame here.
    -the most obvious one is to NOT stand over the safety line. Maybe it should be red instead of yellow in order to connote there is real danger.
    -the more controversial one is that the train should be blowing its horn announcing that it’s coming in, not that it has arrived.
    Regardless, that’s pretty close, Senator.

  • rembrandt

    Too bad the train missed.
    If you need to be reminded that oncoming trains can be dangerous you shouldn’t be taking one.

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