Soldier rescues woman right before being honored as war hero

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IOWA -- Just hours before a soldier was to be honored as a war hero in Iowa, he rescued a woman who was pinned underneath her vehicle.

Courtney Pearson was under her Chevy Blazer to stop leaking brake fluid when the car fell on her.

When her kids ran for help, they found Sgt. James Yates two doors down.

The SUV had pinned Pearson to the ground, unable to move out from under it. She could breathe, but it was difficult.

Yates started cranking the jack and she was eventually able to wriggle out. She only had deep bruising to her back and chest.

Before she could thank Yates, or even get his name, he was gone.

Yates, an Army reservist who has completed tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, was headed to a ceremony to be honored.

He was injured when a bomb exploded under their vehicle.

Yates lives every day on pain pills because of damage to his spinal cord. He received a Purple Heart for his injuries and Saturday night was honored with two other Purple Heart recipients.

Sgt. Yates says no one knew what he did just before the ceremony, but said he would expect anybody to do the same thing he did in that situation.

Source: KCCI


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