Search continues for missing fishermen at Belews Lake

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STOKESDALE, N.C. -- Rescue crews are continuing to search for two fishermen Monday morning who went missing last Thursday at Belews Lake.

Virginia State Police arrived Monday morning at the Carolina Marina to help search for the missing boaters.

The missing men have been identified as Jacob Allen Line, 27, and 44-year-old James Pascual Bohenstiel, according to officials with Stokes County Emergency Services.

27-year-old Jacob Allen Line and 44-year-old James Pascual Bohenstiel

27-year-old Jacob Allen Line and 44-year-old James Pascual Bohenstiel

Rescuers from multiple agencies have been doing scuba, sonar radar and ground searches. The men are presumed to have drowned.

Officials say Virginia State Police, who just arrived Monday, have top-of-the-line sonar equipment, better for searching deeper areas of the lake.

Stokes County Emergency Services Director Greg Collins says someone has also offered to fly a private helicopter over the area Monday to help in the search.

Last week, a truck, boat trailer and boat were found and officials have determined that they all belong to the missing fishermen. Personal items, including clothing, were also found in the vicinity of the boat.

Rescuers are focusing their search on an area where the boat and personal items were found, according to Stokes County Emergency Services Director Greg Collins.

The area is known as a “hot hole” and is near the Duke Power Steam Station where hot water comes out of the station and into the lake.

Much of the lake remains open, but rescue leaders said they’ll keep the public away from “hot hole” and other areas as the search expands.

The command post for the search is at Carolina Marina, located at 548 Shelton Road in Stokesdale.


  • 2Cents

    Been following this story. Very odd. Has foul play been mentioned? or considered? Prayers for all involved.

  • FaithC

    I guess they are keeping some facts out of the news. I hope they keep the families informed. Thoughts out to them, not knowing must be horrible.

    • Dawn

      I think they were waiting for no one to be around had a get away car near by and are on the run for some reason. I know there is a bunch of stuff at the bottom of that lake but they should not be as hard as it has been to find them. Like a few has said foul play or they are alive and somewhere hiding.

  • J

    I have known one of the men all my life he has been a drug dealer since high school I can’t speak for the other man but 99% of the man I knows friends are in the drug life when you treat people the way he treated most and live the lifestyle he choose to live eventually karma will catch up with you. Nothing in the story that the media has released anyway adds up foul play has to be on the minds of authorities because this whole story as released by the media makes no sense. I feel for the families and hope they solve this so the families have the closure they need to carry on.

  • Derrick

    Im glad someone else feels the same way. Seems like a clear lake would be the easiest to find someone. I hope they get some more info and they dont just let this fizzle out…

  • Post

    First of all that lake is man made. That lake is filled with so much stuff. So they have to use sonar to see under the water. If foul play was involved they will figure it out. I know one of the guys too and truly doubt that would have given up there whole life and ran away… And “J” no one cares who was a drug dealer! And saying that karma had a play on this is pretty messed up if the end result of that karma was death. Come on now. These guys are missing. They can’t defend themselves so before you start putting up negative things about people. Think about if it was your brother. Or nephew, son, uncle, etc.None of that would matter!

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