NC police chief suspended, accused of driving town-owned vehicle after drinking

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MOUNT GILEAD, N.C. — The Mount Gilead chief of police has been suspended after he was stopped in Cabarrus County while driving a town-owned vehicle after drinking alcohol, according to Independent Tribune.

Chief Cleve Willoughby was allegedly driving in Cabarrus County last week when a witness called the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office to report that he was driving erratically.

CCSO conducted a traffic stop, but no arrests were made, the Tribune said.

CCSO Chief Deputy Paul Hunt said alcohol was involved, but not enough to warrant any charges.

The two officers were not allowed to continue driving the Mount Gilead-owned vehicle.

Hunt said the issue is now an internal matter with the town of Mount Gilead.

Source: Independent Tribune


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    Not enough alcohol to warrant an arrest? Not sure how far Mt Gilead is but the new G.S. 20-138.2B says any alcohol while driving a law enforcement vehicle is a misdemeanor i.e. an arrestable offense. I wonder if the press release said town owned vehicle as a smoke screen. I doubt he was driving the town’s garbage truck. The chief deputy admitted alcohol was involved, sounds like a warrant for arrest is in order and a call to the training and standards division for Chief Willoughby. Worth a phone call Fox8?

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