Mad moose attacks snowmobiler in Maine

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MAINE -- A New Hampshire couple had quite a scare Friday when they were attacked by a moose while snowmobiling in Maine.

According to CBS Boston, Janis and Bob Powell were on a trail deep in the woods around 2:30 p.m. near Jackman, Maine, when they spotted the moose on the snowmobile track.

They followed the moose for a short distance before it suddenly veered off the track, turned around and charged them.

The moose charged several times, even grazing Bob Powell.

The couple said they had nowhere to take cover and Janis Powell eventually managed to fire a handgun into the air to scare the moose.

The couple was not injured.

Source: CBS Boston


  • JBrown

    It’s not “their environment”. Their home is not the woods. Their home is their den. It wouldn’t be “our environment” if a moose came walking into town. The moose is an animal. It doesn’t know the difference. The couple shouldn’t have been following the moose. Animals operate off of instinct. All it knew was that they were following and were a threat, so it turned to defend itself like animals do.

    The difference between us and animals is that God gave us a brain to think with. Lets start using it for a change.

  • joe

    What is this couple from NH doing in maine with a concealed weapon, and why carry it in the woods. CCW does not allow carrying across state lines.

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