Gold bars found inside stomach of businessman

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NEW DELHI — Twelve gold bars were discovered in the stomach of an Indian businessman, according to the Indian Express.

According to the report, the 63-year-old man visited a hospital in New Delhi earlier this month saying he swallowed a water bottle cap and needed it removed.

Doctors operated on the man on April 9 and discovered not just one, but 12 gold bars in the man’s stomach worth approximately $23,000 and weighing nearly a pound.

Hospital sources told the newspaper the man swallowed the gold bars as part of a plot to smuggle them into India from Singapore. The man landed in trouble when he was unable to pass the bars through his stool.

“We were shocked when gold biscuits came out of his abdomen during the operation,” said Dr. C. S. Ramachandran, senior consulting surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. “But I am at least happy that I could save his life. If it would have stayed inside for couple of more days, it would have led to severe bleeding and rupture of the intestine and septicemia.

Hospital authorities later informed the police and subsequently custom department officials were informed.

Source: Indian Express


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