Closing arguments in case of bus stop accident that killed 11-year-old

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The trial of a pastor accused of passing a stopped school bus, hitting and killing an 11-year-old boy could go to the jury Tuesday.

Billy Rodger Bailey is on trial for involuntary manslaughter in the death of 11-year-old Hasani Wesley on Dec. 19, 2012.

Monday a defense expert told the court the school bus was stopped 20 seconds before the flashing red lights came on and the stop arm came down.

The prosecution pointed out that the expert based his finishing on GPS data and never examined the bus or Bailey's vehicle. Prosecutors also called several witnesses, including the school bus driver, who testified that the bus’ red lights were flashing and the stop arm was out before Hasani crossed the road.

Bailey testified last week he only saw yellow lights and didn't think the bus had come to a stop. Prosecutors also argue, with the yellow lights flashing, Bailey may have been going too fast for the conditions.


  • 2Cents

    …..’the bus driver testified that the red lights were on and the stop arm was down….’ because really, what else is she going to say.

    Experts reveiwing the GPS data (which is everywhere these days) and two other motorists on the road that morning say that the red lights were NOT on and the arm was NOT down.

    Seeing tax dollars wasted on this witch hunt makes me sick. Not to mention the childs family, being put through a trial needlessly.

  • B

    He wasn’t speeding and too fast for conditions is questionable. It was a bad location for the child to cross the road in the early morning hours. The school bus driver stopped at the wrong location for the child to board the bus safely. The child was running late because he already missed the bus once so when he saw the bus and he failed to look before crossing the road at an intersection. The defendant failed to reduce his speed when he saw the caution lights. There are many factors that resulted in this fatal accident and the full blame is not on the defendant. Not guilty of manslaughter. This case should haven been heard in District court. It’s a death- by -motor vehicle case but the DA wanted to bring attention to this case because of all the other dumba… passing stopped school buses.

    • FaithC

      I guess it comes down to the word of the school buss driver and the other witnesses. Still very sad.

    • 2Cents

      Yes, the DA office pushed this case. And it was a mistake to do so.

      A horrible, tragic accident. Made worse by the circus of a trial that should have never been.

      Prayers for the childs family for having to relive this nightmare, prayers for the accused and his family for having to relive it again as well.

  • t

    This was a tragic accident. Unfortunately the bus driver’s story changed from her original statement to patrol on the scene. I feel sorry for the family and the accused.

  • Donnie

    In following this story, it seems to me that this was just a terrible accident. I think all are at fault and none are at fault. The families on both sides are suffering having to re-live all this. It’s just a very sad situation. The worst punishiment for this man would have to be giving speaches to parents about bus and child safety. He will never forget what happened.

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